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CRUEL KEN Coronation Street: Claudia Colby’s exit explained after Ken Barlow heartbreak

CORONATION Street star Ken Barlow agreed that Stillwaters’ high life at the nursing home would never be for him and broke the news to his wife Claudia Colby.

Claudia-played on the ITV soap by Rula Lenska-was subsequently rejected by Ken after she declared that she wanted to stay. So does that mean she’s just left the series for good? Here’s what you need to know about exit Claudia …

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Has Rula Lenska resigned from Corrie for good?

The Sun Online first announced that after two years of playing hairdresser Claudia Rula had left Coronation Street.

The actress starred on and off on the soap since 2009 but returned full-time in 2018 and soon formed a serious relationship with Ken. Claudia purchased Audrey’s salon and then moved in with Ken, eventually convincing him to sell his house and move with her to the luxurious Stillwaters retirement home.

Yet this week he decided he couldn’t bear the lush life anymore and broke the news to Claudia that the complex would never feel like his own. He declared their friendship a day after Claudia announced that she decided to stay.

Ken then attempted to persuade her by replying: “I’m going to repay you for the cost of Peter’s recovery plan and I’m going to make sure you’re not out of luck for this spot.” After wondering if he really wanted the break, Claudia agreed to let him go and told him her next fella was goin goin.

An official told The Sun Online: “The door is definitely open for Rula to come back and Claudia also has on-street contacts.”But Claudia’s life is on Stillwaters’ verandah for today and Ken goes to his backstreet boozer.”

Why did Ken want to abandon the Corrie home for retirement?

Ken told Claudia that at the nursing home, he could not bear the fascination of every one of the finer stuff of life. Viewers do remember the soap myth made scammer Charles Lake, a fellow tenant at the retirement complex, a nemesis.

For months, Ken worked with Norris and Claudia to pull down Charles, before joyfully exposing Charles to the Stillwaters President Elections for the scam he is in.

But after his win, Ken found that at the retirement home he could never completely relax into life. Viewers always know it annoyed him that he couldn’t get his beloved Eccles-who has died since-into the house.

Ken is back at Weatherfield?

Since gathering up its things and leaving the lavish retirement home, Ken looks ready to return to Weatherfield. The announcement of Ken’s return-and also the possibility of the nursing home saga ending-delights viewers.

One fan said: “Oh Ken needs to return to the ‘little pool’ of Coronation Street! Hurrah!#Corrie.” Another added: “Thank Goodness the old people’s village plot is over. Could put a glass eye to sleep. Get back on the pavilions Ken. #Corrie.” But Corrie is yet to announce that Ken will eventually return to the pavilions, so viewers will have to check in to find out.

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