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Dennis Rickman’s Final Moments Revealed as Voicemail is Discovered

Teenager Dennis Rickman fatally lost his life in a boat accident last month. The boy would probably have survived the tragedy had it not been for Ian Beale to lock him in a room below deck before attempting to save him.

Ian is currently keeping silent about what transpired in the night between him and Dennis, but minutes before his death he left his mother with a voice note explaining that Ian had locked him in a room.

When Dotty cotton becomes more suspicious of Ian's behavior, as she continues to ask him about his brother, Peter steps in to protect his friend. Shortly afterward Ian confronts Dotty and encourages her to remain silent about what she learns.

Later, Dotty stumbles over a voicemail in which Dennis can be heard pleading with Ian to let him out of the locked room, but what would Ian do when faced with her discovery?

 It is currently unknown whether Dotty will share her discovery with Sharon Mitchell, the grieving mother of Dennis.

EastEnders air these scenes tonight on BBC One.

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