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Disaster date, unwanted guest and sibling drama: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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Bree (Juliet Godwin) finally asks Remi (Adam Rowland) for assistance this week on Home and Away, but she is enraged when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) knocks on the door.

Why would he approach the police with her in mind? She isn’t ready for that yet, and Remi starts to consider whether or not she is prepared to leave her husband as she tenderly answers the phone to Jacob (Alex Williams).

In another scene, Xander (Luke Van Os) and Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri) are about to go on their first date when tragedy occurs when a man collapses in Salt. Immediately switching into paramedic mode, Xander is compelled to end his night out with Stacey. Stacey makes her excuses and departs after Xander apologises once the patient is in the hospital. Was this his last date with Stacey?

Here are the Home and Away upcoming events for the week beginning January 16th.

Bree is enraged with Remi when the police arrive.
Bree eventually got Jacob to agree to return to Washington State for a few months for business, but the emotional cost is too great, so she walks to Remi’s house in tears. She passes out in Remi’s arms, and he attempts to help her think of a way out. Bree, though, is worried about Jacob’s upcoming homecoming in just a few weeks. Remi advises calling the police, but cash comes up at the door at the worst possible moment. When Cash says he’s replying to Remi’s note asking for advice, Bree recoils and becomes enraged. Bree can’t believe Remi called the police without telling her. Has Remi already betrayed Bree’s trust?

After a confrontation with Justin, Ziggy sobs.
After learning that Ziggy “forgot” to open the garage when he left her in charge, Justin was incensed. Now, irate customers are blowing up his phone. He advises that Ziggy’s workload be reduced in order to accommodate her pregnancy, but Ziggy is enraged by the new situation. Dean prompts her to explain that she is burning herself out of pride before she starts overworking herself.

She reluctantly arranges a meeting with Justin, but she is immediately offended by his conciliatory attitude toward her pregnancy. Justin tells Ziggy that if she weren’t pregnant, she would be facing disciplinary punishment for the other day since he is sick of her attitude. Ziggy unexpectedly breaks down in tears and bolts away.

When a man passes out, Xander is forced to end their date.

Xander is anxious before his first date with Stacey, and Rose unexpectedly turns up to sit across from him while he waits for her, adding to his anxiety. When Stacey shows there and sees him hanging out with his sister, he is embarrassed, but when he gets over his initial jitters, they start to enjoy each other’s company. However, an unexpected catastrophe occurs when a customer passes out on the bar’s floor. As soon as he realises what is going on, Xander goes into paramedic mode and rushes the patient to the hospital. But how will Stacey respond if their date is abruptly cancelled?

In a crisis, Mackenzie freezes, then despises herself for it.

When an obviously intoxicated customer collapses in Salt, Mackenzie is shocked to discover that she is frozen and powerless to do anything. She is instructed to call for assistance by Xander, but she is unable to do so, and others take over. Mackenzie starts berating herself as Xander takes the patient to the hospital. Why did she respond that way in a crisis when she generally seems to be in charge? She understands that first aid training is necessary to prevent a repeat of the incident. In an effort to atone for her inaction, Mackenzie visits the patient at the hospital, where she is shocked to discover that he is in an intensive care unit and is unconscious.

When Marilyn learns Roo is quitting tutoring, she is horrified.
In shock following Heather’s recent kidnapping of them, Marilyn, Roo, Alf, Leah, and Irene had all been present. However, things are starting to return to normal now that Marilyn has returned to the Bay.

When Marilyn advises that Roo go back to tutoring, Roo is rude and deflects the suggestion right away. Marilyn starts to get nervous because maybe she’s not the only one who still feels guilty about Heather. When Roo is questioned, she confesses that the fact that she misunderstood Heather so severely has disturbed her. Marilyn, though, is adamant about not letting Heather undermine Roo. Will she be successful in convincing her pal to try tutoring again?

When Nikau overplans the wedding, Tane is perplexed.
Nikau believes he will be Tane’s best man as the wedding preparations get under way. Tane promptly ends his nephew’s suffering after finding it amusing. Tane is surprised when Nikau jumps right into action and overdoes his best man duties. Felicity is happy because that means she has less to do! Tane, however, feels that there is more going on and queries Nikau as to why he is so involved with the wedding. Nikau confesses that he would be the best man if Ari were still alive. He simply wants to uphold Ari’s ideals and please his family.

Bob appears in the Bay to plead with Kirby to come back.

Theo and Kirby are currently enjoying hearing their music on the air after nailing their first radio interview with Lyrik. They are nevertheless stopped by a surprise visitor — Bob has come back to the Bay! Kirby and Lyrik’s ex-singer starts complimenting her right away, and Theo unwillingly leaves his girlfriend to cope with the unexpected guest. Has Theo truly moved on with this person, Bob jokes about Theo. But when Kirby makes a threat to leave their chat, he changes tack and begins pleading. He want her return.

When Cash wants to invite Gary to the wedding, Felicity is enraged.
The subject of guests comes up as Tane and Felicity start planning their wedding. Gary, their foster father, is suggested to be invited by Cash, but Felicity quickly rejects the notion. John notes Cash’s dejected expression as a result of her choice. He’s perplexed, wondering why she wouldn’t want Gary around when he must be like a father figure to her. Cash explains that Felicity’s trauma following the passing of her parents damaged her relationship with Gary.

Later, when Cash tries to mention asking Gary once again, Felicity becomes even more incensed and accuses him of guilt-tripping. She informs him that Gary’s presence will just serve as a distressing reminder of her father’s absence.

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