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Do you remember these Most memorable moments of past Home And Away?

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Because this is Australia’s second-longest-running drama series, the groundbreaking show is the most awarded program at the Logie Awards, with over 45 wins.

In the past three decades, the stars have taken viewers on many emotional journeys with many of the Summer Bay favorites moving on to success in Hollywood.

Here’s a look at 15 of the most memorable moments since January 17, 1988, 90-minute pilot episode aired:

Roo Becomes A Runaway Bride – 1988

Although this was the first full-blown wedding of the season, the expectant newlyweds did not end well.

In 1988, after Roo announced she was pregnant, Roo (played by Justine Clarke) and husband-to-be Frank (Alex Papps) headed for a ‘shot-gun wedding.

After coming clean to Frank about who the real father of her unborn child was, the soap queen, who is still a Summer Bay resident, became a runaway bride.

Angel Surprises With A Wedding Day Miracle – 1995

The wedding between high school sweethearts Shane and Angel, with a tear-inducing miracle, surprised fans already a special moment.

Angel (played by Melissa George) was injured and bound in the wheelchair during the scene after Alf’s car struck her while crossing the bridge.

The blonde actress shocked viewers as she rose from her chair in her lace gown during the ceremony and WALKED down the church aisle.

A Big Fat Great Wedding – 2001

Leah (played by Ada Nicodemou) initially met Vinnie (Ryan Kwanten) after running away from a previous wedding when she arrived in Summer Bay.

The couple was soon smitten with each other, and after tying the knot in a mixed wedding of Greek and Scottish customs, Leah made an honest man out of the lifeguard and part-time stripper.

They later shared a son named VJ, but Leah decided to remarry teacher Zac (Charlie Clausen) in 2015 after Vinnie was reported dead in 2010.

Dani Goes To Jail – 2003 

While living in Summer Bay, schoolgirl Dani (Tammin Sursok) was dealt a harsh card.

Bad boy Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell) assaulted Dani, but Kane was found not guilty when the college woman brought the case to trial.
He later became interested in her younger sister, and the family could not persuade Kirsty (Christie Hayes) to leave him.

Dani hit Kane with her car one evening and left him for dead, thinking that it was an animal, and was charged and found guilty of attempted murder.

Noah and Hayley’s wedding – 2004

This wouldn’t be a ghostless soap opera!

At the emotional wedding of Hayley (Bec Hewitt-nee Cartwright) and Noah (Beau Brady), Hayley was reunited with her deceased father Ken who walked her down the aisle.

Ken Smith (Anthony Phelan) died in an accident while working in a workshop on a motorcycle, and appeared as a ghost after his death many times.

Leah births surrogate child for Sally – 2004 

On Home And Away, the bonds of friendship are deep.

And in 2004, after she became infertile from ovarian cancer, Leah offered to be Sally’s surrogate best friend.

After Sally’s adoptive mother, Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) and husband Flynn (Joel McIlroy) call the adorable baby Pippa.

The Summer Bay Stalker Mystery – 2005

In Summer Bay, in 2005, a stalker was on the loose, and the mystery left audiences scratching their heads for months.

Introducing fear to citizens of Summer Bay, the stalker burned down a home, orchestrated a plane crash, and kidnapped Sally.

Nurse Eve (Emily Perry) was later revealed as the stalker and sought revenge for the death of Sarah Lewis, a former patient, and friend.

Sally’s Student Stabs Her –  2006

Sally’s character had been run over by a car for 18 years already and actress on the show, diagnosed with ovarian cancer and kidnapped.

And she was brutally stabbed in 2006 and left to fight for life.

The fan-favorite was knifed by Rocco (Ian Meadows), a troubled student and ex-gang member, who she was trying to support.

THAT Raunchy Pole Dance In PG Time Slot – 2007

The family-friendly show, screened at 7 pm, got backlash when they broadcast a VERY steamy scene in 2007.

The contentious moment I was involved Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon-nee Anasta) grinding at boyfriend Cam’s club on a pole in a scantily clad sailor’s uniform.

Martha was weak and quick to exploit in pole dancing, and soon a downward spiral begins on the show.

Sally’s Long-lost Brother Milco Returns – 2007

The storyline from the series had fans who claimed Milco was the imaginary friend of Sally’s childhood.

But 20 years later Summer Bay is struck by a new character claiming to be Sally’s long-lost twin brother Miles.

Last year actress Kate Ritchie joked that the twist had left her puzzled, and admitted that she still fails to recall the show’s complicated plots.

The River Boys Arrive – 2011

In 2011 the notorious ‘River Boys’ gang debuted first on the soap.

Darryl ‘Brax’ (Steve Peacocke), Heath (Dan Ewing), and Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) were introduced as brothers of the Mangrove River surfing tribe.

Rumored to be inspired by the 90s surf culture-based Sydney gang, The Bra Boys, the ‘fictional’ River Boys.

Kyle Kidnaps Casey In Desert – 2012

The troubled youth made a memorable entrance to the show, handing father Danny Braxton a gun and fake passport.

Then Kyle kidnapped his step-brother Casey who did not know who he was, who was camping with his brother Brax in the mountains.

He tied Casey to an old car in the desert, keeping him alive with Kyle’s girlfriend offering him drinking water until his brother locates and saves him.

You May Now… Punch The Groom? – 2013

Wedding ceremonies are intended to conclude with ‘I do’s’ and a kiss.

The ceremony between Bianca (Lisa Gormley) and Heath, however, ended with an unconscious groom, the bride’s courtesy.
Health admitted that during the night of his wild bucks, he had cheated Bianca before saying ‘I do,’ with Bianca knocking out her fiancé violently in front of the guests before fleeing.

Ricky and Brax Welcome Child – 2015

In 2015, Home And Away’s super pair Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) and Brax welcomed a child together.

Although Brax was behind bars, Ricky happily took the bub in a week after giving birth to visit the happy father in prison.

He reveals the baby was named Casey in an emotional scene, in homage to the younger brother of Brax who died the night Ricky learned he was pregnant.

Bachelorette Sam Frost Debuts As Actress – 2017

The former Bachelorette star’s decision to become a soap star on Home And Away has been received by industry analysts and fans with mixed feedback.

And during the 2017 final episode, Sam Frost made her anticipated debut, with her character Jasmine engaged in a deadly road incident.

While she barely spoke during her appearance, when it returns this year, Sam is due to appear more frequently on the series.

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