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Doctor Who: 5 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Cybermen

The Cybermen are one of Doctor Who's best recurring bad guys-but we still don't know all about them.
Doctor Who created some amazing villains. However, only a few can truly stand the test of time, and the Cybermen have managed to outlive all we could have expected from them.

They are one of the show's three main villains, While the Daleks and the Master both deliver a significant threat. The Cybermen have always served as the villains for a series finale. But there is still plenty that we don't know of this metal people race.​


The last episode's finale made it clear that the Cybermen became extinct. They've been wiped out absolutely, but that doesn't mean we've reached their end. They are always finding a way back in some new way.
The question of whether or not they are extinct must finally be resolved. We just have to wait and see if they come back in some form again. The chances are that one of the authors will find a way to get them to the fold again.


With the last Cyberman gone, the Master seemingly disappeared, and several other Cyber leaders disappeared, it's hard to find out who controls this metal men race now. Through an election, the leadership is not necessarily selected.
Somebody will have to step up again at some point and take the Cybermen in a new direction. It's hard to say who that's going to be or when that's going to happen, but surely someone is waiting in the wings to guide those villains.


Mondas is The Cybermen's real home. It has been demolished for some time, but that hasn't ended the return of the original Cybermen. However, as Mondas has gone missing for a long time, we probably won't see it again. That said, we thought Gallifrey had been ruined, and it turned out to be out there somewhere. Maybe Mondas was never really killed, and there is an out-there clone ready to make a comeback and take over the universe.


We have a more threatening design each time the Cybermen return. Over the years, they've been through several different armors, but one thing's still stood out. Who is actually designing all those new looks?
There can't be a Cyberman anywhere whose job is designing the next costume to wear for all the new conversations. And yet, when something different is applied to those armor sets, it is a very deliberate choice.


Originally the Cybermen were brought back into the rebooted series using a parallel Universe. We don't know how many more alternate Earths there are, though, nor do we know if they also include Cybermen.
Since it has happened once before, hundreds of Cybermen in different dimensions could be out there, waiting and ready to take down every other iteration of Earth. We have no idea whether a new reality could re-emerge this threat.

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