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Eastenders (24 Feb To 28 Feb) Spoilers.

The dust settles after an exciting EastEnders week is over but who died, who is covering up something and whose life has changed forever? If Whitney Dean comes to terms with Leo King's death, is she going to go down? Another family who is trying to pick up the parts of boat disaster has been torn apart by tragedy elsewhere. And yes, there's more misery to come when Daniel Cook's time is running out. Jean Slater is not ready to say goodbye when he ails, and he promises not to go anywhere until he knows she's going to be safe.

Monday 24 February

After a tragic death, several families are in shock, and several people are trying to pick up the pieces after shocking events. Chantelle is shocked to learn Leo is dead and Whitney is arrested.
Tiffany is concerned with Whitney and tells Gray to defend the case. Yet Gray remains suspicious but an alarming piece of information will soon be discovered. Jean is upset because Daniel is blase his condition, and she insists he is staying with her.

Tuesday 25 February

Gray feels under pressure with the case of Whitney, and snaps at the kids, leaving Chantelle worried Whitney tells a lie during an interview with the police. At the same time, Gray is curious and discovers from the night about another reality. Jean has a scheme to cheer up Daniel but her mind changes with a phone call. Jean gives Daniel a surprise, and he promises her he's not going to die until he learns she's okay.

Thursday 27 February

Jean is attending her oncology appointment, and Daniel is pressuring her to leave – she's overwhelmed to hear that her MRI is clear, but she's lying to Daniel. Mo soon says she has been given the all-clear. Jean and Daniel are seated together, but the surprise is in store.

Friday 28 February

One person finds that their secrets are starting to unravel – as someone hides their tracks over a horrific truth that could ruin a family. In the meantime, Karen encourages Keegan to prepare a surprise for Tiffany, but the plan ends in disaster.

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