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EastEnders airs shock kiss for Lola Pearce after she turns down Jay Brown’s proposal.

EastEnders is expecting more romantic trouble ahead of Lola Pearce when she ended up kissing Peter Beale on the heels of Jay Brown's disastrous proposal.
The relationship between Lola (Danielle Harold) and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) was recently tested by reports that Lola was pregnant. Although Jay wanted to keep the baby, Lola wasn't as excited about the prospect, and she just wanted to focus on her daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) for now.
In an attempt to prove to Lola how much he loves her and wants a life together, last night's (March 10) ride to Albert Square saw Jay get down on one knee and pop the question – but he didn't get exactly the answer he wished for.

"I–wow," replied Lola, faced with Jay's ring pulled out, before telling Lexi to go upstairs and give them a moment.
"Is that a no?" Jay questioned, causing Lola to tell him that she knew he was trying to try and get her to hold her baby
"I know what you want to do," she said. "And I get it, I do, you want this baby, but I'm sorry Jay, there won't be one."
Heartbroken by Lola's reaction, it wasn't long before Jay began throwing out some of his accusations and asked Lola about her relationship with the recently returned Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) after he had seen them talking in the episode earlier.
"Why don't you run off and have his children?" seethed Jay.

"Ok, if you want such a bad baby, maybe I'm not the right person for you!" Lola shot back, but she instantly regretted it and insisted that it wasn't meant
Yet Jay, who replied by storming the flat out and shouting: "Forget me, forget this, forget the lot."
Jay could be seen sending a text to Lola asking if they could meet at the end of the episode, while Lola paid the Prince Albert a visit to try and get her mind off the events of the day.

She ran into none other than Peter herself at the club too, and after having a few drinks, the two ended up sharing a kiss too. That being Soapland, we're sure it's just a matter of time before Jay learns about the kiss–and we're expecting more trouble ahead for Walford's new love triangle.

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