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EastEnders’ Ash Panesar hints at “twisted” family as she and Iqra make up

EastEnders has hinted that the Panesar family is hiding a huge secret after Ash Panesar shared a cryptic warning with Iqra Ahmed. Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) and Iqra (Priya Davdra) have seen their relationship hit a rough patch recently when Iqra was given a glimpse at Ash’s calculating nature after Vinny’s disastrous party.

Tonight’s episode (April 20) started with an awkward run-in for the couple, and it wasn’t long before Ash was venturing about the meeting and her relationship with her brother Vinny (Shiv Jalota).

Unfortunately, their conversation was quickly shortened when Suki (Balvinder Sopal) arrived home early. While Suki was just too happy to hear that Iqra and Ash were having problems, the furious Ash soon turned to her mother and delivered some home truths.

“Iqra protects me a lot from you,” she told Suki before storming out of the room. “No stupid games, no manipulation – essentially the opposite of you and this fucked up family.” Later, Ash ended up seeking to Iqra and apologized to her, seemingly getting the relationship back on track.

“You were right,” Ash told Iqra. “I don’t value you enough. I can’t see a good thing when it’s right in front of me.” But in the middle of the apology, Ash ended up hinting to her girlfriend that she didn’t know a lot about the Panesar family, fueling the idea that the family kept some dark secrets.

“My family is so twisted, you don’t know the half of it,” she continued. “But what I know is that I don’t want to lose what we have.” Happily, the couple agreed that they loved each other and made a kiss. But does this mean that the Panesar family is hiding something from the residents of Albert Square?

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