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EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell arrested as he goes off the rails after betraying Callum.

Ben Mitchell of EastEnders faces new trouble on the BBC drama next week, as he struggles to battle his hearing loss.
The character is once again pushing away boyfriend Callum Highway, sparking concerns that it could be over for much-loved couple' Ballum' just as Ben is at his most vulnerable.

Ben faces a blast from the past next week when gangster Danny makes his return to Walford with a proposition for him.
He had no clue that Ben lost almost half of his hearing during the boat crash previously, hiding that as far as he can from Danny.
But it all falls apart as Danny discovers the facts as he gets pulled back into a criminal world. Callum is hoping to help Ben to remain stress-free until his hospital visit, but he will soon discover of Danny's return.

When Callum moves up to try to help him, worried about what he is up to, it's not going down well.
Ben is shocked at the hospital to hear that his surgery won't be for at least a few more weeks and that it may have significant problems. As Callum turns the topic over to Danny, attempting to keep Ben out of trouble, that just encourages him to rush off.

Ben sees Danny again, but as it is clear about his hearing-including, the fact that Callum is involved with the police-things turn sour. Phil Mitchell's son yells at his partner before drowning his sorrows at Prince Albert. He ends up meeting a man called Hugo, and the pair becomes friends, only for Ben to steal his car. Callum's anxiety turns into heartbreak when Ben's mum, Kathy Beale, informs him about Hugo and worries the worse-leading to a hard decision.

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