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EastEnders’ Bobby Beale ‘set to die’ as he collapses in sick Ian revenge plot

EastEnders’ Bobby Beale is set to collapse when his brother Peter and Dotty Cotton find him unconscious in her sick plot of revenge, but will the teen die? EastEnders’ Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) is due to collapse suddenly in E20 next week when he finds unconscious on the dance floor.

EastEnders spoiler photos revealed unconscious Bobby on the floor as a pair, along with Lola Pierce, desperately trying to resurrect him. It’s yet to be known what’s going to make him collapse, but fans know he’s suffered a severe brain injury after being attacked by gunmen in February.

We also know that Dotty (Milly Zero) plotted against Bobby’s father Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), and may have targeted Bobby at a point. The pair have been at loggerheads after Dotty started blackmailing him after learning that Denny Rickman had been trapped in the cabin, leading to his death.

Ian can not get himself to tell the truth about what happened to her son to his best friend Sharon, and she blamed her ex-Phil Mitchell for his death. After Ian erased the voicemail that Denny left begging for Ian to let him out of the room, Dotty swore vengeance and told Ian she’d make him pay.

Things have become seriously complicated as he has developed a crush on Dotty in recent weeks, unaware of her feud with his dad. Could his feelings end in his shock death?

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8 pm on BBC.

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