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Eastenders celebrates 35 years: Here are the soap’s most dramatic moments..

Eastenders celebrates 35 years: here are the most dramatic moments of the soap The action-packed misery-fuelled soap began in 1985 with an opening episode which set the tone of death and destruction with Reg Cox found unconscious beaten in his flat.

The action-packed, misery-fuelled drama that still takes an episode this week is 35 years old in millions of viewers.EastEnders started on February 19, 1985, when Reg Cox found himself in his apartment knocked unconscious. He died later of his injury. The speed has since barely relented. Throughout Walford, we’ve had hundreds of killings, suicides, scandals, and battles, plus the odd bar invasion, robbery, even gang wars. And the bombshells continue to come.

From tomorrow, an explosive week of special episodes is set to rock Albert Square. After a hellish boat party, a teaser leads to death and tragedy as some people end up drowning in the sea. Here are some of Enders ‘ most unforgettable doof, doof, doof moments, as we enter another harrowing week.

The first season Den Watts was the first role ever to feature, portrayed by Leslie Grantham. Those first immortal words he uttered: “Cor, stinks in’ ere, dunnit?

“Ali Osman and Arthur Fowler found Reg Cox dead in his apartment.

The grisly murder was the Square’s first of many assassination mysteries. It was eventually revealed the nasty Nick Cotton beat the old man to death. And that wasn’t the last one we saw about the character… Christmas Divorce A staggering 30.1 million people watched on Christmas Day 1986 as Dirty Den gave Angie divorce papers, played by Anita Dobson. Angie had taken to alcohol after a stormy marriage to trick Den when he learned she had fabricated a terminal illness. The iconic sequence has, very appropriately, been called the most exciting event in British history on Christmas TV.

Little Mo photos Trevor Morgan’s abusive husband, Alex Ferns, got what came to him on New Year’s Eve 2001.

Little Mo, Kacey Ainsworth, finally leaves him after being abused and repeatedly beaten up by Trevor. He gets furious, he gets violent, so she whacks him in self-defense with an iron over his head. She didn’t kill him and ends up behind bars for the attempted assassination. But that iron blow will never be forgotten.

Who shot Phil Never mind who shot JR or Mr. Burns, that must be the best mystery of all time who shot Phil? In the 2001 season, the whodunit inspired Dallas had Phil Mitchell fired outside his house.

Six main suspects were there, and for weeks viewers were guessing. It was finally revealed that the guilty party was former girlfriend Lisa of Phil, Lucy Benjamin.

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