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EastEnders confirms return for Paul Usher as villain Danny brings trouble for Ben.

EastEnders lines up new problems for the Mitchells, as gangster Danny Hardcastle returns to Walford.
He brings trouble with him on his return, with unfinished business with Phil and Ben Mitchell.
The role is reprised by Actor Paul Usher, promising trouble as he returns to the Square for a brief stint later this month.

There is more trouble ahead in the wake of Phil's vanishing act after the fatal boat crash and son Ben's hearing loss.
Although details are kept under wraps, Ben will be the one Danny is after when he returns to Walford, and it has been teased.
Last time, Danny got around on Phil's wrong side, with Ben ready to justify himself by working for him. But it may be about reminding the family of the dodgy dealings and the feud that came with them. Danny returns to meet the Mitchells in coming scenes leading to a proposition for Ben.

Can Ben do what he says and be dragged back into a life of crime? And with Phil not back yet, could it lead him to make his home comeback? Talking of the return role, actor Paul teased what audiences would expect.

He added, "I'm delighted that Danny Hardcastle has returned to EastEnders, and again he's causing havoc in his typical threatening manner." I'm just looking forward to the fans ' response as the story unfolds. "Ben recently learned that he'd suffered a significant hearing loss after the boat wreck and that he might never hear again. Boyfriend Callum Highway has promised to support Ben through his suffering, but Danny's arrival may push him away?​

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