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EastEnders drops new clue Sharon and Phil will take over Queen Vic from the Carters

EASTENDERS dropped a major hint that last night, Phil Mitchell is going to buy Queen Vic. The pub’s former landlord-who is played in the BBC drama by actor Steve McFadden- found out the pub was on sale after telling Shirley Carter how he planned to win back Sharon.

Owners Mick and Linda are selling due to Linda’s alcoholism which makes it too hard for her to remain there.

Phil told Shirley, “I’m hoping to get back with Sharon if I can put the past behind us.” It’s what I want, what I really need.

That, or sorting out Ben. I need to keep my family back together.”
Shirley told him: “Well if Sharon is what you’re after then I’ve got it on excellent authority that the Vic’s going to be up for sale.

And Sharon, well, she loves that place.” Phil looked intrigued at the idea, and it was clear that he was thinking of buying it.

Fans have been convinced for weeks that either Sharon or Phil would end up back in the pub-though they are divided on whether Sharon has truly forgiven Phil, or whether she pretends to get her hands on the pub.

One wrote: “I think Sharon is playing Phil, she would take his money and use him to buy the Vic for her. # Eastenders @bbceastenders” A second said: “Is Sharon use Phil for the Queen Vic money? # Eastenders”

Another added: “Phil and Sharon belong together, and they look like they’re going to own the next Vic. Love it! #EastEnders” * EastEnders airs on BBC One on Monday and Tuesday night


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