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EastEnders fans were heartbroken when Sharon nearly took her own life.

After Sharon Mitchell tried to take her own life, EastEnders viewers were left heartbroken.
Sharon's 13-year-old son Dennis ended up dying last week after the boat hosting party The Queen Vic collapsed.
Yet Sharon was giving birth to her second son when Dennis died.

Sharon has been grieving and struggling to accept her newborn since she found out about Dennis.
Sharon gave her infant over to Karen Taylor, who is the paternal grandmother of the baby, in last night's episode (Thursday 27 February 2020).
Karen quickly noticed that a bunch of nappies were packed by Sharon, and suggested that Sharon might run off and leave the baby with her.

It points out, though, that Karen was on something when Sharon later returned to the house of the Mitchells, where she once lived.
She looked at Dennis ' pictures and pulled out a bottle of pills from her purse.
She left the note for Ian and was ready to put an end to her life
In the meantime, in Beales ' house Kathy questioned Ian what had happened to all the pills in the medicine cabinet.

Realizing Sharon must have taken them, he hurried to Phil's house, but Sharon tore up the note when he got there and told her friend she couldn't do it.
Viewers for Sharon were left heartbroken and the actress Letitia was praised for her performance.
Ian then tried convincing Sharon to be brave for her new son, but Sharon admitted that she did not want her infant and she wanted Dennis. Ian even broke down in tears claiming he was meant to have died on the boat but Sharon assured him that Dennis drowned was not Ian's fault. She has no idea what Ian was hiding, though.

Before the boat crashed after finding out he was behind Bobby Beale's online abuse, he got into an argument with Dennis. Ian locked Dennis in a room on the lower deck of the boat so he could take him to the authorities after the party was over. Dennis left Sharon a voicemail asking her what Ian had done saying he needed help before the boat crashed.
The boat collapsed and the lower deck began taking on water. While Ian tried to get Dennis out of the room to rescue him, a surge of water drowned Dennis. Will Sharon be listening to his voicemail? And Is Ian going to tell her about his Dennis clash?

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