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EastEnders is cancelled tonight for Sports Relief after disturbing episode.

EastEnders was canceled on Friday to make room for Sports Relief after making viewers disappointed with a chilling episode. EastEnders was pulled out of the TV schedule on Friday. The show was given the chop to make room for a new BBC Sports Relief slot. Dedicated viewers enjoyed the EastEnders doubleheader on Thursday because TV bosses tried to prevent as much disappointment as possible.
EastEnders was confined in the air again on Monday following his usual weekend break.

Sports Relief has taken together stars from all walks of showbiz to raise funds for charity.
Long-time soap fans approached each other on social media to remind us that it wasn't airing on Friday.
"REMINDER There's no show tonight because of #SportRelief. #EastEnders." One person wrote in the crowd.
Another said, "Oh god, how are we going to deal with it?" EastEnders viewers were kept on the edge of their seats after a shocking ending to last night's episode.

Haunting scenes showing Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) started hallucinating that she had met a 12-year-old version of herself.
Eerily the heroine started to hear the spine-tingling sounds of Tony King, a pedophile after her hunger strike had caused her to hallucinate.
Elsewhere in the show, uneasy scenes showed Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) hailed the "hero" of his wife Chantelle's parents moments after he bludgeoned her.

Gobsmacked fans shared their disgust when Gray was named a hero just minutes after audiences saw him allegedly rape his wife.
Among the tweets, one posted, "Urgh, Gray gets praised in front of everybody for what he's done to his wife, #EastEnders."

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