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EastEnders: Is Whitney dead?

At the end of Tonight's double-bill (12 March ), EastEnders ' Whitney Dean suffered a shocking breakdown in her jail cell.
Whitney (Shona McGarty) is currently in prison facing trial for the death of Leo King, having been refused bail last week.
Viewers can know the fate of Whitney as the show returns on Monday (March 16), so if you can't wait before then, we've got you covered.
EastEnders: Is Whitney dead?

The somewhat out-of-the-ordinary episode of Tonight concluded with Whitney lying lifelessly in her jail, but the good news for her is that this is not the end.
Despite Whitney's grim and worsening condition, next week's spoilers suggest there might be light at the end of the tunnel.
Whitney's story is going to be played out over the course of next week, as Gray vows to get her off the hook and out of jail once and for all.
EastEnders: Why did Whitney collapse?

Whitney announced her intention to go on a hunger strike, much to her family's fear after being denied bail.
Believing it was the only way to be heard, Whitney has ever since refused to eat while the episode of Tonight even saw her stop drinking water.
A prison officer had warned Whitney that she would likely end up suffering from hallucinations and hospitalization–but she remained determined to stay strong. Whitney's health later took a troubling turn during Kat's jail tour, but she insisted the prison staff wouldn't be able to interfere until she was unconscious actually.
EastEnders: Who was the young girl Whitney was talking to?

As Whitney's condition deteriorated, she was seen in her jail cell, having flashbacks of her younger self.
The sad scenes showed a disoriented Whitney recalls the childhood violence she suffered from evil Tony King as she warned the young girl tearfully of what was to come. Young actress Phoebe Farnham was cast for this special episode Tonight in the role of young Whitney.
EastEnders: What happens next?

With Gray determined to handle her case alone, he can be seen in Monday's episode making an incriminating discovery that could change everything.
Gray doesn't waste time relaying this detail to Whitney, who is terrified but still hoping her nightmare might almost be over.
Whitney's loved ones are anxiously awaiting the results of her new bail hearing by the end of the week, will justice eventually prevail?

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