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EastEnders’ Jay Brown takes a big step when Lola Pearce decides to terminate her pregnancy.

In EastEnders, Jay Brown and Lola Pearce have made significant decisions regarding their relationship.
As she admitted to Jay (Jamie Borthwick) this week that she was pregnant with the couple's first child, Lola (Danielle Harold) was deeply conflicted. Both characters in the episode on Friday grappled with what pregnancy meant for their relationship.

By surprise, Jay took his father and Lola's father Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) by revealing Lola's pregnancy, then he got some much-needed reassurances when he told that he wasn't sure he was cut out to be a father.
Jay, there's not a single dad in the world who doesn't feel that every single day," Billy stated. "And you're going to be good at it because you're a good man. Good men make good dads."I guess I want it now that it's here. I do," Jake admitted.

At the same time, Ben (Max Bowden) took Lexi (Isabella Brown) out for the day but got distracted at the car lot by an angry customer.
He didn't realize the customer had backed up his car to Lexi because of his hearing loss–luckily at a very slow speed, so she didn't get seriously hurt.
Back home, Lola broke the news to Jay that she needed to keep her focus "just" on Lexi before Ben was able to have treatment to correct her hearing loss eventually. "This is not the best time for a new baby," she claimed.

Jay was taken aback, telling Lola, "I came here full of excitement to tell you that I love you, and I really want to have this kid. And I still believe the same way." Things got heated when Lola insisted that she knew that they "could have a baby together," but Jay asked, "Lola, we've already got a baby together!" When Jay told Lola to allow herself "a few weeks" to think about the birth, she said.
"The more I leave it, the harder it will be," she explained. "And there's no point because I'm not going to change my mind. We're not going to have this baby right now, Jay. I'm sorry." The next day, Lola turned up at the funeral home to tell Jay that she wasn't shutting down the possibility that a couple would ever have babies.

"One day, you're going to be a wonderful dad," she said. "So hopefully, when we can do it properly when we're both ready." As she collapsed in his arms, Jay vowed that "nothing could come between them" and that they could "get through everything" together.
Later that night, Jay took a moment in the kitchen to take the engagement ring out of his pocket and look it over. What's Lola going to say when he asks the question?

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