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EastEnders’ Lola reveals a sordid secret to Callum – will he tell Jay?

It’s been a difficult time for Lola on EastEnders recently and one of the greatest mistakes she made was sleeping with her ex-husband, Peter Beale, behind the back of Jay’s new boyfriend – the type of stuff she’s never kept hidden in soapland for long She has been managing to hang on to her mistake for a while longer, but with the shame swallowing her up steadily, it’s only a matter of time before she crumbles under the weight of it. Viewers will hear more about what happened the fateful night as she speaks to Callum about it all, urgently wanting someone to trust.

Pregnancy was the driving force behind what she had done, with the pair unable to see eye-to-eye on raising a boy. The baby was over, and she and Jay were able to set aside their differences, even with her sordid shame lingering over the reunion. When she spends time with Callum as he gets ready for his police evaluation, she can’t help but spill her heart out. Yet, how does Callum react to the news? Will this mystery end up being a liability that he can’t cope with keeping? What is more, is Jay ever going to find out the truth?

Given the decreased count of episodes a week due to the production stoppage, there is already a lot going on in the Square right now. After seemingly being set up by the police, Keegan faces prison time, whilst the notorious Queen Vic is on sale- could Phil and Sharon wind up behind the bar?

As mentioned above, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, EastEnders, along with every other soap, has cut its weekly episode count due to production halts. It currently airs only at 8 pm on Mondays, and at 7.30 pm on Tuesdays. Another show, Neighbors, is set to be the first English-speaking drama to return to production so you can be assured that the other soaps will look at everything they deal with it

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