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EastEnders ‘ Mick Carter is going to die in a ship accident after soap selling its suit.

EASTENDERS fans are surprised Danny Dyer's Mick Carter can meet a watery finish within the Thames River once it had been uncovered the cleaner had sold the character's clothes. The show's story supervisor Tom Courtney told fans on Twitter the previous evening that he had purchased the Queen Vic proprietor's velvet coat in one of the outfit deals hung on the BBC dramatization. The jacket seems, by all accounts, to be the one Mickw seen wearing in review pictures discharged in front of the commemoration week when the catastrophe will occur. Answering to an anecdote about Linda's tanked conduct on the pontoon trip, Tom expressed: "I got Danny's green velvet coat in the outfit deal #justsaying." Fan webpage Walford Web answered: "On the off chance that they're auctioning off Mick's outfit, could this mean he's the one to bite the dust in commemoration week?" EastEnders flagellate old ensembles when outfits are never again required, generally to individuals from staff on the show, the plot master clarified. 

A few fans are persuaded Danny Dyer's character is in a tough situation, with one composition: "I think Linda is going to push Mick off the vessel after a contention after she sees him drawing near with Whit." Another stated, "I keep saying it's very odd due to the fact Danny had each of these memorial meetings or even out claimed he wasn't killed while different cast individuals all said they could be killed. I think if it is him-it'd be amazing."

One significant character is set to seal their terrible destiny by toppling over the edge when they welcome portion of the Square to participate in the festivals. A source on the BBC cleanser revealed to The Sun: "Where better spot for a significant demise than on the Thames itself, which is so fundamental to the show? ​New subtleties have been discharged about the catastrophe, indicating Linda drinking intensely and humiliating herself before the pontoon trip starts. The drunkard – who is played by on-screen character Kellie Bright – will seethe at Mick as the ship heads out.

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