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EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell makes dramatic return for showdown with Sharon over Denny’s death.

PHIL Mitchell is going to return on EastEnders in time for the funeral of Dennis Rickman, where he will meet Sharon in grief.
Phil, played by Steve McFadden, did a runner after the accident leaving Sharon (Letitia Dean) to pick up the pieces while caring for her new son. But new spoiler pictures reveal Phil will be back in time for the funeral, which will take place on March 23rd, and he doesn’t seem to be greeted with open arms.

After the boat crash, Sharon hasn’t coped well, so how does she react to Phil’s return?
Dennis died when Ian Beale locked himself in a room on the doomed boat for making his son Bobby attacked.
Ian attempted to save Dennis and managed to get him out of the room, but the boat was still full of water, and the current dragged them all out.
And while Ian was taken to hospital, at the scene, Dennis was pronounced dead.
Sharon later found out that Phil was behind the crash when he argued onboard with Keanu Taylor.

Phil attempted to kill Keanu for sleeping with his wife and daughter.
In emotional scenes, Keanu told Phil that he was the closest thing he’d ever had to a dad when he tried to convince him to let him live.
But Phil didn’t have any of it, and he mistakenly hit the captain of the ship as he tried to stop them.

They tumbled into the steering wheel and ended up turning the boat off course.
Phil’s gun went off and barely missed Keanu before Ben burst into the dramatic moment and attempted to stop him.
Phil tried to push his son out from the way just as the ship hit another boat and flung it all overboard.

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