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EastEnders reveals fallout of Lola Pearce and Peter Beale’s shock kiss.

In EastEnders, Lola Pearce struggles with her real feelings for Peter Beale and Jay Brown.
Jay (Jamie Borthwick) has become increasingly suspicious as to whether girlfriend Lola still has any feelings for her ex Peter (Dayle Hudson), following a rejected proposal, and Lola attempts to end her pregnancy. He really doesn't realize he kissed Lola and Peter earlier this week. Thursday (March 12) double bill picked up with Peter barely being caught sneaking out of the Mitchell house.

"It is probably best if nobody finds out about this," insisted Lola. Lola was guilty of what she had done, which caused her to snap at Lexi before she left for the day. Her personal life troubled by distracting her at work until she eventually confided her termination to Denise Fox (Diane Parish).
"You're a nice person," Lola told Denise.

Denise even bumped into Jay in the Square and told him to get things right with Lola because their relationship is going to be far more critical than their current issues. Lola went to the clinic for her termination appointment with Denise's suggestion, still on her mind— where Jay decided to check on her after the procedure.

"Can we please go home now?" Lola asked solemnly as the couple hugged. Soon after, the two returned to the Square, and as they shared a kiss, Lola found  Peter watching them from across the street. "A lot of these young talents coming through is being competitive at the top," Jay quipped while pulling Lola close. "I am top dog when push comes to shove." The different look on Lola's face as she stared at Peter indicated otherwise.

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