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EastEnders scriptwriter responds to “upset” fans after shock 35th anniversary death.

EastEnders viewers were divided over the death plot featuring Dennis "Denny" Rickman, and now Pete Lawson's scriptwriter is attempting to soothe their pain.

Airing yesterday (21 February), the latest episode of the BBC One soap revealed the fate of poor Dennis, going to set a great immediate future in Walford as the wake of the boat tragedy takes centre stage.

Taking Twitter today, Pete, who is the scriptwriter for Friday's show, shared a message detailing the narrative's workings.

"We still thought too long and hard about the loss of any character-it is always a balance between what you possibly miss and what you win. We're always playing the repercussions five years after Lucy's death," he stated.

"The ripples caused by the death of Dennis will be equally huge."

Pete continued: "Ian, Phil, Sharon, Bobby-there's still so much to do. We're never doing anything for a short-term surprise, always for the long-term story, Believe me, no-one is more aware of the future than we are (thus putting Sharon and Ian at the heart of last night, with Kathy across both of them)"

"I understand the people who are upset just as I hear those who aren't. But honestly, no-one thinks more about the future of this show not only because it's my work!) (but because I'm a fan like so many, too. It's always about thinking ahead," the scribe concluded.

Whether or not this affects the opinions is subjective, but it's an exciting time we' re living in when tv creators believe they need to justify their jobs.

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