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Monday, December 11, 2023

EastEnders’ Shane Richie shares changes ahead of soap return ‘Never experienced it before’

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Star of the BBC soap opera EASTENDERS Shane Richie has talked openly about the changes he’s seen since repeating his role as Alfie Moon.

As his ex-wife, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) gets ready to marry current boyfriend Phil Mitchell, Alfie Moon (played by Shane Richie) is expected to make a spectacular comeback to EastEnders (Steve McFadden). The BBC actor discussed his experience of returning to the set after a four-year absence in interviews with bbcnewz.online and other media outlets.

When the renowned Queen Vic landlord Alfie would be returning, EastEnders fans were ecstatic.

The love of his life is getting ready to wed Phil, but will Alfie be back in the square to stop the nuptials, or does he have other things to take care of?

Shane talked openly about what it’s like to be back on the soap opera.

I’m A Celebrity…

Take Me Away From Here! said: “Strange, things have changed a lot. Four years ago, I quit to pursue other opportunities. I had come in to work on a storyline in which I had to be shoved down stairs.

I perform in a lot of plays and go on tour with theater groups in the West End, and when I come here, I feel like I’m part of a true theater community with the actors, producers, directors, and writers.

“That’s how it’s changing, and [executive producer Chis Clenshaw] is to blame.”

“I believe Chris came up with [this] because he has grown up with the show, knows the DNA, and understands how people function and their strengths,” says the author.

“I returned.” I feel like I’m a part of something right now that’s really strong,” Shane concluded.

“I’ll give you an example. For a long time, when I worked with Steve McFadden, the only time I saw him was when we were on set.

We have a green space, everyone is there, the scripts are there, and I see Steve. This is the first time I’ve seen the entire cast together, and there is a genuine sense of camaraderie.

The EastEnders actor teased the audience by teasing what they may anticipate from Alfie in the coming months.

Shane remarked, “Chris was telling me the long-term plot with Old Alfie, the guy who looked after his granny and wore his heart on his sleeve and tried to make light of everything.

However, due to his own innocence and naiveté, he continues to make mistakes. I’m thrilled to enter and bring the light because the drama on a program like this only works if you get the light and the shade.

“If we can expose Alfie’s ruses and scams, and will he ever reconcile with Kat? I’m unable to answer.

But the drama is so much more intense if you do that properly.

EastEnders has revealed advance previews for the drama that will take place later this month.

When Alfie shows up on the day of Phil and Kat’s wedding, the Slater matriarch is shocked.

While everything is going on, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) finds it difficult, to be honest with herself about her desires.

Alfie will go to “extreme measures to obtain what he wants,” it is claimed.

Will he put a halt to the nuptials or will Kat actually marry Mitchell?

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