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EastEnders spoiler preview reveals exit, shock return and major crisis.

Hard times are ahead in EastEnders in the coming weeks as secrets start to bubble to the surface, and an unexpected face brings with it a new challenge for a couple struggling to face. Meanwhile, while a marriage breaks under pressure, someone says goodbye. We know Whitney Dean faces one of her most difficult challenges to date. Jailed for Stalker Leo King's murder despite acting in self-defense, she met her fate as a day appeared in court–but as things began to heat up and pressure continued to build on Gray Atkins, Whitney's result was devastating.

Whatever happens, it's the start of a long and exciting journey as she faces a looming trial's injustice as Leo's specter continues to haunt her life. Will she cope, or will she give up the good fight behind bars? And does Gray have second thoughts about representing her?
Apart from that, when Callum Highway (Tony Clay) continues to help Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) as he responds to his hearing loss, the pair must face a significant challenge together in the form of Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) as the villain returns to Ben with a proposition that leaves him with a dilemma.
Gray's aggression on Whitney will continue to impact directly on Chantelle, who bears the brunt of his anger–but somebody is about to suspect that not everything is well behind closed doors. Is the truth about the violence set out to come to light? Ian Beale continues to struggle with his grief elsewhere as Sharon Mitchell is a broken woman, as Dennis Rickman's funeral approaches. But how much more can she cope when delivering a bombshell? And will Dotty Cotton succeed when she blackmails Ian in getting the Arches?
And with all of this happening, the truth of married life hits Tiffany (Maisie Smith) and Keegan (Zack Morris). At the same time, the revelation of Lola (Danielle Harold) pregnancy has a mixture of consequences.

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