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EastEnders spoilers: Isaac Baptiste’s tragic death mystery revealed.

Isaac Baptiste has already shown himself to have a short fuse in EastEnders, and he has no interest in building a connection with the biological father, Patrick Trueman, despite the best efforts of Sheree. Isaac was snappy and misbehaved to Patrick, thinking he's just another in a long line of Sheree partners. And no matter how closely Patrick attempts to get close to him, Isaac manages to shut him down.

As Denise Fox consoles Patrick as he opens up the concern that Isaac will hate him, Sheree begs Isaac to make more effort and invites him to join the boys at the Vic where Patrick will be with Mick Carter, Jack Branning, and Mitch Baker. In the meantime, Denise lifts Patrick's spirits by giving him a new hat and invites him to attend the party where he seems to be in a better place. But while things start well and there's some male bonding, Isaac loses his coolness in the air hockey game.
Bad loser, Isaac, bursts, and when Patrick tells him to calm down his temper, Isaac turns on him and speaks more harsh words. When Sheree figures out, she's crazy, and she's trying to get Isaac to let Patrick into his life. In the meantime, Denise learns that it was the anniversary of the death of the man Isaac believed his dad was, and she agrees that his reaction was understandable
Joining forces with Sheree, they're inviting other guys to spend the night, but will Patrick and Isaac succeed? Is Isaac hiding something else?

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