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EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor makes stun come back from the dead?

Keanu's vanishing and has been a gigantic reason for worry about the Taylor tribe in EastEnders, however with Karen having come to gain proficiency with the reality of the situation, she's unmistakably been less stressed than previously and this is something that Bernie becomes suspicious of in the coming scenes.

With Karen exhibiting next to zero stresses concerning Keanu's whereabouts, Bernie turns out to be fairly inquisitive in the coming scenes, and in this manner she chooses to bring matters into her own hands, leaving a message for Keanu on Karen's telephone. Notwithstanding, her strategy for recovering data demonstrates unproductive, and in a little while she takes her disappointments out on both Karen and Billy. Karen endeavors to prevail upon her little girl, yet when she comes to understand that Bernie won't let this go, she faces an enormous challenge and uncovers that Keanu is perfectly healthy.

Home and Away spoilers: Martha alarms when Alf disappears With Karen having left her brain with stress when she thought Keanu was dead stress that possibly died down when she set her sights upon her kid in the substance would we be able to maybe observe Keanu back on our screens again as Bernie endeavors to find a good pace? Maybe she'll won't trust her mum's words until she sees her sibling without a doubt? Or, on the other hand, maybe she'll wind up uncovering reality to everybody, which could result in Keanu returning to the Square?

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