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EastEnders spoilers: Sex reunion for Sharon and Phil Mitchell?

The devastating boat crash that occurred during EastEnders’ 35th-anniversary episodes affected many of Walford’s residents, but the mighty Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is one person we’ve yet to see. Last we saw Phil, just after the boat crashed and disaster ensued, he was taken to safety by a lifeboat. Viewers have been asking about when Phil will return for a while, so they won’t have to wait any longer because he is expected to be back in Walford during the episode on Monday. But could Phil’s return push him to get back together with Sharon (Letitia Dean)?

Will Phil and Sharon get back together?

In Eastenders, Phil finally learned about Sharon’s affair with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), it’s safe to say that the hard Walford man was incredibly upset that his wife had betrayed him by making him believe that the baby she was carrying was his, not Keanu’s. As we await the return of Phil, we can’t help but wonder if a meeting could be on the cards for him and Sharon? The two of them are going through a difficult time over the death of Dennis (Bleu Landau), so could they get back together and find a tiny bit of light in this dark time for both of them?

Will Phil hide how he’s feeling?

Eastenders Spoilers

Eastenders viewers will remember that Phil and Ben’s (Max Bowden) showdown with Keanu was the cause of the ship crash — and Dennis’ death — so on Phil’s return, how much will he hide his emotions? Phil knows that the gunshot caused the crash and the death of his adopted son, so is he going to feel guilty? His feelings could get the better of him — especially if he also learns about Ben’s struggles — but, with him no longer able to trust Sharon, who will Phil about how he’s coping?

How will Phil react to seeing Sharon for the first time since the boat crash?

We all know that Phil is notorious for making an entrance after a while away from the Square, but with him having to face Sharon at some point about the death of Dennis and the boat crash, how is he going to react to seeing Sharon? Phil isn’t exactly one to be open to his emotions, but will, for the first time, see Sharon result in viewers seeing an emotional side to him that’s rarely seen?

What will Sharon’s reaction be to seeing Phil for the first time?


Despite their confrontations, we haven’t seen Sharon and Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) at each other’s throats for a while. Baby Kayden is the only connection that Karen had with her son Keanu, and let’s not forget that Karen’s feeling sorry for Sharon meant that she told her that Phil was responsible for the ship’s crash. As Sharon continues to grieve over Dennis’s loss, what will her initial reaction be when she sees Phil again? Anger? Sadness? Are we going to see Sharon on a journey of revenge?

Will Sharon and Phil grieve together?

We’re going to forgive Sharon for being angry with Phil, but once she let Phil know her feelings about him and the showdown with Keanu, will she finally be able to grieve properly with Phil on her side? The two of them have such a strong bond, and the two of them just don’t seem right, although, given the circumstances, it’s understandable. But could grieving for Dennis be the thing that brings the two of them back around each other? Is Phil strong enough to forgive Sharon for sleeping with Kean? And is Sharon strong enough to move past Phil to make the boat crash?

What’s next for Phil?

As Phil returns in Eastenders, it’s certain that his first port of call is going to be Sharon, but afterward, With Louise (Tilly Keeper) now living in Portugal, the only child left in Walford is, of course, Ben who is struggling to cope with his additional hearing loss. How will Phil react to the discovery of Ben’s struggles? Is this going to bring the two closer together as Phil supports his son?

Will Phil learn about Ian locking Dennis below deck on the boat?

As much as he’s trying to hide it, we can all see how much Ian (Adam Woodyatt) is rattled with guilt by lock Dennis under the deck on a boat that caused him to get trapped when the water poured in. When Phil gets settled back in Walford, will he pick up Ian acting differently and figure out what he did? Phil is no stranger to a bit of blackmail, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he were to blackmail Ian into doing something for him in return for keeping Ian’s secrets about how guilty he feels to Dennis’ death.


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