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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell might have an affair just weeks after Dennis ‘ death.

A few weeks after her son Dennis Rickman's death a few weeks ago, EASTENDERS stalwart Sharon Mitchell may set out to embark on a new affair, But which Walford resident is she going to seek comfort in as she deals with her grief?
Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) is still in a state of shock after her teenage son Dennis Rickman died in the EastEnders boat party disaster last month. This came as a result of her relationship with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), who had been living behind Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) husband. Nonetheless, when she tries to deal with her loss in the coming weeks on the BBC soap, she could find comfort in another's arms, but who's going to be and could be closer to home than she thought? While Dennis was not killed directly by either Phil or Keanu, his death came as a result of the pair's fight, which caused many of the residents to enter the anchored barge for the 35th anniversary of the soap.

The boy had been trapped in one of the chambers of the vessel by Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) on behalf of the youngster taunting his son Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell). The Boat crash led the space he was in to rapidly fill with water, however, and while Sharon's friend managed to get him out, the troublemaker succumbed to the fatal ordeal. His mother was desperately trying to find out what her son was doing in his final hours. Still, as her sorrow continues to play out in the coming weeks, she might turn to a former lover of comfort Before the Christmas revelation the expectant mother had an affair with Keanu, who was her child's father, she and Phil were happily married, or at least he thought.

He felt they would eventually get onto the track of everlasting love after years of challenges, heartbreak, and going back and forth from each other.
How wrong he was, and his discovery of her toyboy lover caused him to split him from his estranged wife, but no divorce has yet been filed.
The Walford gangster treated Dennis as his own, and should he give Sharon his shoulder, because he too deals with the shame of his role in death?

The pair was one of the happiest partners in the fictional television world, according to data gathered by, which is shared exclusively with Sitting on a real-life scale at 81 percent compatibility, the estranged husband and wife appear to be destined to be with each other.
Further analysis shows their birth signs fitting into this equation with Pisces Phil and Scorpio Sharon making a romantic level the perfect match.
However, if the stalwarts were to reconnect, it might just be on a level of intimacy, not getting back together but embarking on a secret and lustful affair. 
If they were to slink away now and then, will the pair go unnoticed by their neighbors and loved ones?
There is one major factor that could drive the couple of the course of true love; however, as Dennis' mother has no clue how her son's boat came to crash.
Phil is now away from the Square, following the wake of the disaster of the boat party.

On his return, he's likely to face a lot of Sharon's questions about what happened, but will their rivalry turn into lust? When she learns that Phil had something to do with the accident, could there be any possibility of an affair going down the sink? So far, Ian's grieving mother has been told a pack of lies about what happened on a fateful night. Since secrets and lies threaten to break Walford apart, will Dennis ' mother be out for vengeance on her son's behalf?

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