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Eastenders Spoilers: The fate of Sharon Mitchell sealed after heartbreaking birth?

EASTENDERS matriarch Sharon Mitchell has gone into labour, and it is only a matter of time before BBC fans learn the fate of the children. Fans should be more concerned, however, about whether the popular soap character lives or dies?
Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) took centre stage in the significant anniversary episodes of EastEnders this week as her affair storyline with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) that has been playing out for the past two years finally came to ahead. Having discovered that she was pregnant last year, her partner Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) revealed the awful truth about the infidelity of his wife, sending shockwaves through Walford at Christmas. Now, the big moment on the BBC soap is about to air after the mother-to-be has gone into labour, but will she survive the ordeal?
It has been revealed through a series of flashbacks in recent scenes that Phil's son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) kept his step-mother at the funeral parlour at gunpoint.

It was all about turning the tables on Keanu, who was keeping his friend Callum Highway hostage, but he didn't even expect the pregnant woman's water to break. Calling on his mother, Kathy Beale for help, it seemed Sharon was out of the danger zone when the café manager came. Unfortunately, the stalwart started to see blood, suggesting that her infant might not make it through the labour process, but could it be the mother who succumbs to the trauma?
After a week of back and forth, Friday night's instalment will take place in real-time as the drama goes down on the Square and the Thames.

For Sharon and Kathy, none-the-wiser about what's going on at the boat party, they're looking forward to bringing the baby into the world. The latter will be forced to deliver the infant because the emergency services are nowhere to be seen. Still, as attention turns to the baby, the delivery experience may be too much for the mother. It was revealed that one character would meet their maker to represent the 35th anniversary of the soap so that the legend of Walford could be killed off?

Viewers may think a victim will be claimed on board the boat, but could it all be a precursor to the drama that descends on dry land? Head of Continuing Drama at the BBC, Kate Oates, recently talked about the mystery behind which characters will be bowing out of their roles. Talking with the press, the soap manager said, "When we were talking about this–and it's true of anyone.

"This is well thought out. There must be something almost Greek about this particular person, as it could be claimed that it has been set up for quite some time, "she said. After she betrayed Phil for the first time almost two years ago, it has always been believed that the soap stalwart will end up being killed for her betrayal. Though to this point, she has managed to escape some risk, could it be upcoming scenes that see the repercussions of her acts catch up on her? Taking to Twitter after the episode in which the expectant mother started bleeding on Tuesday, fans figured Sharon might make a dramatic exit.
Will Sharon make it out alive?

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