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Eastenders Spoilers:Ben Mitchell denies reports of  deafness operation to save Callum Highway

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was struggling to cope with the new hearing loss he was suffering as a result of the EastEnders boat accident. So Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) took him to the hospital during the episode tonight.

Still, his mind was elsewhere as he continued to search for Callum's Halfway Highway (Tony Clay). Ben was eager to find her partner while Callum still missing.

However, Jay was concerned about his mate as he discovered that he couldn't hear anything, so he decided to relay his concerns to Lola— who was determined to get to the bottom of what was happening.
She informed Ben that he needed to go to the hospital— telling him that this is what Callum wanted him to do — and so he agreed.

The doctor informed Ben that he was going to play a series of sounds through headphones while at the hospital, and asked him to press the button anytime he heard a noise.

The doctor then confirmed that Ben has total hearing loss in what was his right ear and that the little hearing he had in the other ear has also deteriorated.

The doctor informed him about the cochlear implant surgery, but he told Jay and Lola what the procedure would involve, Ben became frustrated at being unable to hear him and stormed him out.

Lola and Jay were worried about where he was going after they couldn't find him all day.

Still, he returned to the Mitchell household before the end of the episode and revealed that he would be out searching for Callum — and unfortunately, he had no luck in finding him. An upset Ben went on to write his beau— informing him he wanted it, but of course, there was no response.

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