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EastEnders SPOILERS,Dramatic showdown in-store for Whitney and Leo..

Snatch some popcorn and settle in for some unmissable TV since's everything commencing on EastEnders this week. In the event that anybody merits some karma in the Square, it's Whitney. Subsequent to everything, she's experienced in the course of recent months it looked as though she has at last discovered love with pleasant, typical Leo. As we as a whole know, in any case, he was leading her all in all time. At the point when the maltreatment Whitney endured because of the insidious beast Tom King became visible he was sent down.
Leo has accused Whitney and has been gradually maneuvering her into his trap of retribution. Since his genuine personality has become exposed she's panicked. Shona McGarty who plays the beset character disclosed to Metro that Whitney is 'truly gutted' over what occurred. 
'She can't see how when she believes she's discovered the ideal man it could turn out badly.'Since the large uncover, Leo has begun stalking her, attempting to win her back by disclosing to her that he adores her which given her history with his father has made her much progressively apprehensive. 'She is stressed now over what he's prepared to do. Everyone's worried to her that she is in harm's way and she believes her loved ones so she unquestionably trusts it. She's continually looking behind her, it's simply frightful.' Shona conceded anyway that her character is excessively trusting and attempts to see the great even in the most exceedingly terrible individuals.She's apprehensive however regardless of all that she despite everything needs Leo to be glad. 

In any case, she's entitled  to be mindful. Shona uncovered that in up and coming scenes she returns home to discover her place has been stripped and a letter that Tony sent her is absent. In her indignation, she doesn't understand that Leo is still in her space and the pair have 'an extraordinary emotional standoff'.


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