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Eastenders Spoilers: Jack and Max Branning fight over the secret of Lauren.

When Jack admits that Lauren had turned to him in the wake of the split for Peter Beale, Max is seething and blames his brother of betraying him. It turns to aggression when they fight, and Jack ends up punching Max. But is he going to regret his actions? We see Jack’s pictures screaming in terror as the boat tragedy unfolded–did he push Max overboard accidentally? In the meantime, Peter is back in Walford after an emergency call from Kathy in pain.

Bobby was left dead in a brutal islamophobic attack by the gangsters. Bex Fowler recognizes and texts Kathy with the news that Bobby has been bullied online after Dotty Cotton reveals that she knows. 

When Ian learns the identity of the bully, he can not contain his anger and step on the boat to seek out his revenge. Having his temper on edge it is unclear how far he is willing to go to the revenge of his son, who may not be able to pull through.

Kathy stays with Bobby, but she has to leave the hospital when she gets a call from Ben, so she calls Peter and requests him to come and stay with his brother. When Peter enters, is Bobby going to pull through? And as the ship tragedy subsides, will Max and Jack live to ask Peter about what happened to Lauren? With Beales and Brannings in trouble again, will Peter help to heal the gaping rifts?

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