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Eastenders Spoilers:Leo’s mum returns and reveals Leo’s true colors to the police?

Young Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) in EastEnders hasn't had a moment to himself recently–and we mean that literally because her stalker Leo King (Tom Wells) hid in the attic above her bedroom until a few weeks ago when he went down from that dark and dingy attic to ask Whitney about the letter she had hidden from his father Tony–who abused her at the age of 12. The showdown between the two of them was an intense and dramatic one, and in the episode's closing minutes, Whitney stabbed Leo as an act of self-defense and eventually killed him.

During a week of special episodes to celebrate the 35th anniversary of EastEnders, Whitney handed herself over to the police after she had been involved in a ship's disaster She has been in police custody since then. She has been asked over her actions— with Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) acting as her solicitor. With the unknown future, we are looking at six possible theories as to what might be next for Whitney.​
Leo's victims come forward and defend Whitney
For now, the police think that Whitney killed Leo— not seeing that Leo had been stalking her for months. With Whitney holding on right now by a thread and hoping for a miracle–could any of Leo's previous victims come forward and maybe protect Whitney? We don't know if Leo had any other suspects, but with Tiffany (Maisie Smith) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) both being pretty committed to helping free Whitney, Could they work together and maybe figure out if Leo had stalked anyone else who could make the police believe Whitney?
Gray loses hope, and Whitney is left on her own

This week, Gray described himself as' Official Legal Officer of Albert Square,' and so far, with Whitney serving, we've seen him feel the pressure. Since the police are convinced that Whitney has murdered Leo and that the attack was not an act of self-defense, will Gray lose hope and step down as her lawyer? If Whitney gets charged, Gray's reputation wouldn't look precisely fine, so mostly–what's more important to him? Are you protecting a friend or his career?​
Whitney gets sentenced and faces danger in prison
As Leo stalked Her, they found that no matter how many times she involved the cops, there was not enough evidence to prove her allegations. Right now, Whitney doesn't look good, and if she gets sentenced to kill Leo, how is she going to cope? Whenever we see a Walford resident behind bars, they always manage to get themselves in some bother, so it wouldn't surprise us if Whitney gets charged with murder and faces danger while she's spending time in prison.
Someone comes forward as a witness

We all know that Whitney first told Mick (Danny Dyer) she had killed Leo, and with Mick desperate to avoid jail after all he's been through with his family, maybe someone else will come forward and say they've seen Whitney stab Leo in self-defense? It should be someone who knows Whitney well enough to support her. In essence, we hope it could be: Ruby (Louisa Lytton), Sonia (Natalie Cassidy), Chantelle (Jessica Plummer), or, after a while apart, could we see Bianca (Patsy Palmer) coming back again?
The Slater's campaign to free Whitney
Put them all together, and the Slater's are very likely to get what they want, and with Kat and Tiff realizing Whitney shouldn't be in prison, maybe we could see a powerful campaign beginning to free Whitney? We've already seen Kat's anger about the police failing to realize the extent of Leo's obsession with Whitney, so could the initiative go so far that they can promote reform with the laws against stalking and harassment to also protect others from Leo's likes?
Leo's mum returns and reveals Leo's true colors to the police
Perhaps one of the less likely possibilities to come true, but last time we saw Leo's mum, Michaela (Fiona Allen), in December after Leo hit her with a briefcase and locked her in his car boot. After she was let out by Leo, Michaela told Leo that he was as evil as his father and drove away having nothing to do with him. How could we see Michaela's return, who may help Whitney and tell the police all the illegal actions of Leo? One thing for sure that her problems are far from over as much as we want Whitney to be happy

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