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EastEnders to air hour-long episode tonight as Jean Slater confronts Suki Panesar over her cancer lies

Jean has clocked up on the fact that Suki regurgitates her symptoms-and is on a mission to expose her for the fraud she is. The soap will air the hour-long special after Tuesday's episode has been moved to make way for football.
Fans of EastEnders were sickened when it became apparent that Suki, telling Jean about her own experiences as a patient, lied about having cancer.

Even by reflecting Jean's symptoms, the matriarch has managed to convince her doctor's daughter Ash that she is sick.
Suki also appeared to have the same doctor as Jean-a lie that was bound to end in tears.
Suki's way of controlling her children was to lie about having cancer after a family feud left Ash with nothing to do with her mum.

So the prayers of Suki were answered after Ash so her three children -both of whom think she's dying -embraced her with open arms. In the episodes of EastEnders this week, Jean clocked on that something about Suki's cancer isn't quite right.

Jean then embarks on a mission to determine that Suki lies about ovarian cancer.
If Jean invites Suki to a cake sale finding Suki out does not take much for her.
Later at The Vic, Jean accuses Suki in an explosive showdown of lying in front of Kheerat, Jags, Vinny, and Ash about her cancer. Suki's kids are shocked-but what's their mom going to say?Later, Kheerat tells Suki more about her lies. Will, her children, cut her out of their lives completely?

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