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EastEnders’ Whitney Dean gives Gray Atkins a major warning over his secret

Whitney Dean will issue an ultimatum to Gray Atkins in EastEnders.

Whitney is now aware that Gray has been fired from the legal firm, however, she is unaware of the entire depth of his numerous lies.

Gray was last seen pleading with Whitney not to tell his fiancée Chelsea Fox that he’d been fired because he was allegedly interviewing at other firms around London — another falsehood.

Gray will face more backlash next week when he tries to persuade Chelsea’s mother, Denise Fox, that the couple is marrying for the right reasons.

Whitney confronts Gray soon after, threatening to tell Chelsea the truth about his dismissal unless he comes clean himself.

Denise’s civil ceremony with Jack has been scheduled for the same day as Chelsea and Gray’s wedding, which is Christmas Day!

Chelsea invites her mother and Jack over for lunch with Gray to prove to Denise that she has nothing to worry about, but things swiftly spiral out of control.

Just as Jack and Denise arrive, Gray informs Chelsea that he is concerned about their financial position and wishes to postpone their wedding for the time being.

Chelsea holds Denise responsible, reasoning that her conversation with Gray gave him the creeps. As a result, Chelsea holds firm and informs her family and future husband that she will be marrying on Christmas Day!

On-set images have already hinted that Gray will be enraged over a last-minute change of heart from someone involved in the double wedding, so viewers may expect fireworks from the joyous nuptials.

Will Whitney Dean reveal the truth about the liar Gray before he marries Chelsea?

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