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EastEnders’ Whitney Dean tipped to expose abusive Gray Atkins after ‘affair twist’

EastEnders could have big scenes ahead of Whitney Dean if the BBC soap viewers were right.
Fans predict a stunning affair for the beloved fan and her lawyer, Gray Atkins, despite recent scenes. Whitney has just been released from prison, awaiting trial, after mistakenly murdering her self-defense stalker, Leo King.

He had been hiding in her house, spying on her before attempting to kill her-to blame her for the death of his father, Tony. Despite being in a state to the point of taking it out of his wife Chantelle, Gray managed to get Whitney out of prison and out on bail.

She had previously been denied this and was in jail, but Gray found the evidence he needed to prove that she was being harassed. Everyone praises his praises, including Whitney-but they have no idea he’s been violently abusing his wife for years.

Several brutal incidents have seen Chantelle taken to hospital after he beat her. Continuing to take it out of her, the tension of Whitney’s trial led him to punch her in the stomach and her ribs, leaving her bruised and in agony.

Now, once again, after Gray had stood up for Whitney to Leo’s mother Michaela, the fans have tipped that the affair was on the way. They got closer, and Whitney seems to make a face when she saw that Gray was so protective while seconds later, she clashed with him, and he didn’t seem to like it much.

Chantelle was quick to play it down and attempted to stop Whitney winding Gray up, clearly afraid of his reaction. Some viewers questioned whether an affair or not, Whitney might discover the truth about Gray and his actions.

One fan commented, “I reckon Whitney’s going to get involved with him, but then the storyline is likely to be to uncover the truth about Gray so she can team up with Chantelle or something.”

Another agreed: “Whitney is in Gray…please no! I hope they don’t have to repeat her pattern. Maybe she will finally see his abuse and support Chantelle.”Others believed the fling was on the way, with a fan tweeting: “Don’t anybody else feel the Whitney/Gray storyline coming on?” A second said: “I swear Whitney and Gray are going to end up having an affair.”

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