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Emmerdale horror as villain returns to get close to Naomi Walters

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Naomi Walters from Emmerdale, who is portrayed by Karen Peters, recently called it quits with Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), claiming he didn’t want to spend time with her. In upcoming sequences, she sets up a date with Alex Moore (Liam Boyle), the perilous ex-boyfriend of Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley), indicating that she is ready to move on. Will Dawn make an effort to alert Naomi to the soap opera evil before she sags too far?

Next week, Dawn’s shady ex will be back on the ITV drama, according to spoilers.

A drink with Alex is scheduled in future episodes, but Naomi is unaware of the danger she is putting herself in.

Later, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) is surprised to see Alex and Naomi on a date while Dawn is totally shocked to see them flirting outside the café.

The worried father is concerned about what she is going into with Alex.

Will Naomi heed their advice or will she disregard it and keep courting Alex?

Alex was last spotted in the Yorkshire Dales in November, where he was being disciplined by Kim Tate (Claire King) and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

Dawn refused the character’s request to participate in Lucas Taylor’s (Noah Ryan Aspinall) rearing.

He was subsequently identified as the biological father of Clemmie Reed (Mabel Addison), though Dawn is caring for her.

Will and Kim felt repulsed. Last year, Alex threatened to send Clemmie away if Dawn didn’t pay him back.

They therefore overnight imprisoned him in the Home Farm barns as payback.

They won’t be happy to hear that Alex has come back to the hamlet, but why has he made the decision to return this time?

Is there a connection between Lucas and Clemmie and the evil character’s hidden agenda?

Charles, Naomi’s father, is also concerned about his son Ethan Anderson (Emile John), who was betrayed by his companion Marcus Dean (Darcy Gray) by having an extramarital affair.

Recent episodes of the ITV soap opera featured Ethan finding Marcus with an unidentified guy just before he was going to propose to him.

Things got worse when he saw Marcus and his flirtation leaving the bedroom and the fling started winding up Ethan.

After a heated argument in which the fling admitted to having numerous affairs with Marcus, Ethan demanded that they vacate the premises.

Ethan bellowed, “I want you out of here,” as Marcus countered, “Come on, don’t destroy what we’ve got.”

Marcus begged for the opportunity to clarify, “At least give me a chance.”

Ethan informed Marcus that their relationship was over and that he had no intention of giving in.

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