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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Belle drops a bombshell on Jamie

In Emmerdale tonight (Friday 17th April) Belle drops a bombshell on Jamie. Jamie has been juggling 2 people for weeks. He even slept with colleague Belle when he got back together with wife Andrea.

Yet it looks like things in the love triangle are about to get much more complicated …

As this evening’s wedding celebrations for Sam and Lydia begin, Belle heads outside the Woolpack to get some air Shortly she’s having a talk with Jamie and he confesses he loves her and refuses to marry Andrea. But Belle is terrified by the words of Jamie and does not want him to say it. Soon she learns that she feels the same way and tells him that she really loves him. The pair are sharing a kiss soon. But does Jamie really want to abandon Andrea?

What happens in next week’s Emmerdale for Belle and Jamie?

During the episodes of next week, Belle has a rendezvous at the salon. But when she learns her and Andrea’s appointment is at the same time, she’s horrified, causing them to be around one another.

Belle can’t help but feel awkward, after confessing her love to Andrea’s boyfriend. But would her actions raise Andrea’s suspicions?

Will Andrea find out about Belle and Jamie?

Emmerdale has not yet discussed how to find out the facts, or even whether Andrea does. But in soapland, matters don’t seem to remain a mystery.

Will Andrea and Belle both fall pregnant?

A common theory among fans is that with Jamie’s babies, both Andrea and Belle would fall pregnant. Although there was no proof of a pregnancy storyline, Jamie did sleep in one day with both ladies. Will his lies come back to bite him? Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the pattern of scheduling for Emmerdale has changed.

The soap currently airs on ITV at 7 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, three episodes a week.

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