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Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy death fears, Kyle fate ‘sealed’ and shock comeback

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Emmerdale residents are in for another challenging week, so tensions are sure to be high.

Paddy Dingle will unexpectedly visit the village after being gone from his friends and family for a few days, according to Emmerdale spoilers.

While the villagers are generally happy to see Paddy, they are completely unaware that he has no intention of staying for an extended length of time.

Kyle Winchester will eventually learn Al Chapman’s destiny after accidentally killing him last year.

Dad Cain Dingle will become upset when mother Amy Winchester attempts to handle things on her own despite his best efforts to assist him in any way.

Paddy death fears and shock return

Everyone is shocked to see a disheveled Paddy standing in the doorway with a holdall suitcase after days of him being missing.

While Chas grows angrier at Paddy’s behavior, Marlon simmers but heads straight for him.

However, when Bear and Eve arrive, the atmosphere changes as it rapidly turns into an emotional reunion for everyone, and Chas softens when she notices the hurt and sadness in Paddy’s eyes.

Paddy plays up his happiness in an effort to get Marlon off of him, but when Marlon departs, Paddy’s facade falls apart as he is left completely abandoned and broken.

Paddy goes about his day apparently making amends with family and friends, trying to pick up where he left off.

Unbeknownst to them all, however, Paddy is secretly bidding them all farewell and, before leaving the village, writing his father Bear a note.

Later, after Paddy has left, Bear finds the note and is horrified.

As everyone rushes to go locate Paddy, Marlon is upset because he has no idea what to do next.

The truth of what he is doing becomes all the more concerning as they hope they can locate Paddy in time after Rhona breaks the horrifying news about the missing bolt gun from the veterinary clinic.

Kyle fate revealed

When Matty inquires with Amy as to whether having full custody of Kyle is truly the best option for him at this time, he struggles to conceal his internal conflict.

In the meantime, Amy attempts to maintain her composure for a terrified Kyle before his hearing.

Dad Cain forced his way into Keepers to see Kyle because he felt powerless before his son’s hearing, leaving Amy enraged at his unexpected intrusion.

However, Caleb convinces Amy to give in after realizing how crucial it is for Cain and Kyle to have a private time together before the dreaded hearing.

Everyone is on pins and needles as they calmly wait to learn what will happen to Kyle as his solicitor calls with some major news.

Eventually, Amy unexpectedly asks Matty to marry her.

After learning of the proposal, Moira is obviously thrilled to hear about it, but she can’t help but notice Matty’s unease.

Matty confides in his mother Moira that he worries that Amy was using the proposal as a ruse to obtain sole possession of Kyle.

After hearing Matty’s version of events, Moira becomes furious at Amy’s plans for possession.

Later, Moira makes a last-ditch effort to cool Cain down as he bangs on Amy’s door to shout down her plot to obtain complete custody of their son Kyle.

Will there be harmony within the family?

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