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Emmerdale star Zoe Henry: Her real-life marriage to telly icon and wholesome hobby

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As her alter ego Rhona Goskirk, Emmerdale actress Zoe Henry has endured a lot.

However, Zoe’s life is much less dramatic when no one is watching!

The Emmerdale co-star Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle, and the soap actress are happily married and have two teenagers.

And when the Dales dramas become too much for the couple to handle, they have a very healthy hobby to help them unwind!

What other roles has Zoe Henry held?

Successful actress Zoe made her acting debut in the pilot of the ITV comedy-drama Cold Feet, playing a small role.

She then went on to play parts in television programs like Grafters and The Bill.

Then, in 2001, she was hired to play Rhona Goskirk in Emmerdale for a brief period of time. The following year, she returned for eight months.

Additionally, Zoe appeared in Coronation Street in a minor role as Spider Nugent’s friend Log Thwaite.

However, Zoe was offered the role of Casey Carwell in Corrie in 2007.

Claire Peacock’s friend Casey kidnapped Claire’s infant son.

In order to complete the set, Zoe also made an appearance in EastEnders in 2007 as Detective Constable Deanna Cunningham, a police officer who was looking into the death of Trina Johnson.

Who does Zoe Henry play in Emmerdale?

For a month, Rhona lived in the village to fill in for Zoe Tate while she was away on vacation. Aww, they go way back! She once had a brief romance with Marlon Dingle.

She went back to the show the following year for eight months and resumed her relationship with Marlon. Rhona, however, left and didn’t return to the village for a while.

She briefly rekindled her relationship with Marlon when she returned in 2010 to fill in for Paddy Kirk before realizing she had fallen in love with Mr. Kirk.

Leo, Marlon’s son who has Down syndrome, was born to her since that time. She was married to Paddy for a while before divorcing him. She also struggled with painkiller addiction. She also had relationships with Pete Barton and Graham Foster, which ended when Graham Foster was killed.

Pierce Harris was the next.

On the day of their wedding, Rhona was violated by her evil ex-husband. Then, as part of his irrational quest for retribution, he went back to the village torment her, even kidnapping her best friend Vanessa.

Poor Graham was murdered by Pierce, though, let’s be honest, there were a few people waiting in line to put him to death!

Rhona received confusion and chaos earlier this year when Pierce contacted her to say that he was dying and wanted to see his adult son.

She had agreed to assist him in finding Marcus, but Pierce passed away before they could meet.

Rhona feels cornered because she neglected to tell Marlon about any of this and now that Marcus has arrived in the village and is possibly dating Ethan Anderson.

Will she finally tell Marlon the truth? How will he respond when she does, too?

How old is Zoe Henry?

Zoe, fortunately, is able to flee from Rhona’s heartache and danger at home.

Violet, 15, and Stan, 11, along with their dog Ronald, live with her husband Jeff and she is 48 years old.

The family also lives together in a stunning house in the Yorkshire Dales.

Before collaborating on Emmerdale, Zoe and Jeff first connected while attending drama school.

Two years after Zoe started working on the soap opera, they got married.

Zoe’s allotment

The couple frequently updates their social media with allotment updates because they are avid gardeners.

Both actors have acknowledged how important it has been to their health and wellbeing to work outside and grow their own food.

Jeff, who has Crohn’s disease, spoke with Express.co.uk in 2009 to spread awareness of the condition.

Jeff had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome initially, but his symptoms persisted.

His symptoms grew so bad that they started to affect his academic performance, and his exhaustion prevented him from making it to class.

He recalled his time as a drama student in Manchester, where he occasionally had to skip classes due to exhaustion.

He recalled his time as a drama student in Manchester, where he occasionally had to skip classes due to exhaustion.

I even had to miss my senior year plays.

Diarrhoea, stomach cramps and pain, blood in the poop, fatigue, and weight loss are among the symptoms, though not everyone experiences them all.

It is a chronic illness that cannot be cured but can be controlled.

Along with making significant dietary changes, Jeff also takes a variety of probiotics and supplements. He exercises as well and goes running.

Zoe and her mental health

The advantages for Zoe are for her mental health.

She said in an interview with the Express.co.uk: “Jeff has Crohn’s. When I met him, he was about 23 and had been diagnosed when he was about 18; it has kind of changed our lives.

“There’s a lot to be said about having your hands in the dirt and maintaining good mental health; that’s a big one for me.

“For Jeff, eating what we’ve grown has health benefits.”

The couple was featured on the cover of the most recent issue of the quarterly publication of the National Vegetable Society.

November 5th and we’re still picking runners and Cougettes…just!! Lots of tidying up and prepping for next year. Oh and we have made the front cover of the @NatVegetableSoc quarterly magazine. No biggie. #mademyyear🙌🏻😵‍💫👀🤸🏼🌱💚 @HordleyJeff pic.twitter.com/ZURpEBjwWb

— Zoë Henry (@ZoeHenry03) November 5, 2021

Maybe soon real life and art will collide, and Rhona might begin working at Dr. Liam Cavanagh’s allotment in Emmerdale!

Want to learn more Emmerdale spoilers? You can get your fix of Emmerdale spoilers before the newest episodes air by visiting the Emmerdale spoilers section of yzee.uk.

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