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Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley calls for major change to Cain Dingle storyline

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Emmerdale misbehavior After being wrongfully convicted of killing Al Chapman, Cain Dingle was only recently granted his release from prison.

After his son Kyle Winchester killed his foe, Cain Dingle (played by Jeff Hordley) assumed responsibility for Al’s (Michael Wilman) demise. Now that it is clear that Kyle fired the shot, Cain has returned to Emmerdale village. His son Kyle must not be seen, and when Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) prevents Cain from seeing Kyle, it appears that he has a new adversary.

The ITV actor has acknowledged he doesn’t always need an enemy but has said he would like some peace for Cain.

I don’t think he always needs a nemesis, said Jeff.

“It would be nice if we could avoid that for a while, but I believe they always like to pit someone against Cain,” the speaker said.

“It makes life a little bit easier, so I’m quite happy there isn’t a nemesis for the time being.

“If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think Cain has learned much from his time inside so far. I’m just me playing the part.

But because of his actions, I hope to see some lessons and a change, and I’m crossing my fingers that they open up new doors for him.

“Cain’s DNA will always react to circumstances, but I believe that significant events like this should teach him lessons because if he doesn’t, we won’t improve ourselves.”

While Cain may not soon engage in another conflict, it appears that he and his long-lost brother Caleb may be working together (Will Ash).

When they cause chaos on Home Farm, the two hate Will Taylor and enjoy watching him flinch.

Apollo, a prized horse, is let out of Cain’s Home Farm stable and races down Main Street.

Caleb was compelled to intervene and assist Will as he struggled to control the animal.

Jeff hinted at a potential brotherly alliance, saying, “I think Will doesn’t like Caleb and Caleb has suspicions about Will as well. So they come together in this situation with Will. Or, she has no suspicions but is cold toward Will.

“It’s good that the two of them have a working relationship and come together.

“Who knows, it might be the beginning of a strong relationship.

Will has done a few things today, and Cain responds as usual by thinking, “I’m going to get you for this. For this, I’m going to give you a lesson.

He is lashing out at someone else because he is not having a good time with Kyle.

Paddy Kirk’s (Dominic Brunt) disappearance causes heartache for the Dingles in another Emmerdale scene.

Fans have witnessed Paddy’s struggles after his marriage ended and his eventual descent into depression.

Before considering suicide, he will leave the village and hide out in a B&B.

The researchers and writers for the Emmerdale program sought advice from Samaritans and Andy’s Man Club and collaborated closely with them to bring Paddy’s story to the screen as truthfully as they could.

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