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Monday, December 11, 2023

Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley pays tribute to Paddy star ahead of harrowing suicide storyline

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Lisa Riley from Emmerdale has discussed what viewers can anticipate seeing as Paddy Kirk’s life spirals downward in the coming month.

Because of the breakdown of his marriage and the revelation of Chas Dingle’s (played by Lucy Pargeter) affair, Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) has been struggling with his mental health, as seen by Emmerdale viewers. ITV has confirmed the endearing character thinks about ending his life while feeling a mixture of loneliness, grief, and confusion.

Paddy has been bitter towards his wife ever since he broke up with Chas, even though they are still cohabitating above the Woolpack.

Paddy finds it impossible to deal with the constant reminders of her infidelity, the loss of their daughter Grace, and their daily arguments.

According to ITV, the character will think about suicide the following month after finding it difficult to ask for help.

Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy Dingle on the show, appeared on Thursday’s episode of Lorraine and discussed the upcoming plot.

The soap star claimed to Lorraine that the layers that formed after his breakup with Chas have begun to suffocate him, sending him into a downward spiral.

“We are tackling depression in its most comprehensive form, and Emmerdale does that well,” she said.

We observed it the previous year when Marlon (Mark Charnock) performed the stroke storyline and the Alzehimer’s storyline we performed.

Dominic, who plays Paddy, will assist him in his suicide attempt this year.

Paddy will really need to rely on Mandy to help him because of their relationship and history, the ITV host said to Lisa at this point.

“They do, they love each other,” Lisa continued. When you are having trouble, it’s the whole thing, and ITV keeps talking about it.

“With Mandy and Paddy, you have someone who can be there for him always and through thick and thin.

Never criticize him, never consider what is right or wrong, offer him advice, and simply be there for him.

Lisa affirmed that in order to accurately depict Paddy’s mental health, the soap is collaborating with Andy’s Men Club and Samaritans.

In addition, Lisa said of the upcoming plot: “It is a slow burner because we want to tell the story right.

The same goes for other people who may have had a friend like Mandy, who will be very concerned.

Laura (Shaw), our producer, said: “Last night you had the comedy, and she said there’ll be laughter and love between Mandy and Paddy, but now there’s going to be loyalty and love, all the way.”

Emmerdale airs on ITV weeknights beginning at 7:30 pm, with a Thursday hour-long special.

ITV continues to air Lorraine every day at 9am.

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