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Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle shares her secret with Lydia in emotional scenes

Mandy Dingle of Emmerdale finds a confidante tonight (April 20) as she remains in turmoil about Paul Ashdale’s reappearance. Mandy (Lisa Riley) is spooked at Paul’s arrival in the village in search of his son Vinny, but she attempted to get rid of him by falsely claiming that Vinny had long left.

In the episode of Monday, Lydia is intrigued to find the old family pictures of Mandy, Paul, and Vinny that had been torn up last week. Lydia hands the picture back to Mandy and uses the opportunity to ask her a few questions about what she’s hiding.

The emotional Mandy breaks down, admitting that Paul is back on the scene, and she’s afraid of what might happen next. While Paul seems to have genuine intentions when it comes to his son, Mandy is highly skeptical and believes that he has terrible news.

Lydia is more hopeful and reminds Mandy that people will make a difference. She also compares the case to her own, having learned last year that her estranged dad had passed away. Even so, Mandy is still desperate for Lydia to keep her safe, not to say anything to Vinny, but can Lydia agree?

Meanwhile, on Vinny’s first day, Paul pays a visit to the scrapyard, calling himself “Alex” and making an effort to be a friend to his son. Mandy’s worst fears seem to have already been realized.

Bradley Johnson, who plays Vinny, recently said to Digital Spy, “Vinny just thinks he’s a normal guy. Vinny sees him as a good friend, someone with whom he can laugh.” It all adds to the tension because the entire situation is likely to explode when Vinny finds out.

It’s great because there are so many secrets out there. Vinny doesn’t know that Mandy has seen Paul already. Mandy doesn’t know that Paul is still in the village, too. “That’s why, when Vinny finds out, and it’s sure to be a big bombshell. All I’m going to say is that it’s pretty to be explosive!”

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