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EXCLUSIVE: Exposed Secret TV Past! Mikey, married at first glance, says he once was at home and away

If you looked at Mikey, and though he's got the kind of face in Summer Bay, you're not wrong. In-Home And Away, the Married At First Sight groom has been an extra-and has even spoken some lines.
Mikey, 29, tells TV WEEK that when he was 20 or 21, his appearances on Summer Bay were back.

Do you have a tip for First Sight Married or do you know any of the participants? 

Mikey found fame on MAFS tying the knot to Natasha-but this is not his first TV role Image: Channel Nine

"They would say,' in the diner scene, we need four or five people,' so you would do that," he recalls.
He claims there have been occasions he was asked to say "a few sentences" in bed, including one moment when he was in a hospital scene.
"There was a major argument among two men and I have been supposing to say,' Hey, hey, I'm the bad one,' or something." Mikey was looking to join the Home And Away crew back then.
"Since I was really young, this is what I needed to be doing. I was just like,' This is the show I want to be on.' But there was never any eventuation."

Mikey pictured on Home and Away. Image: EXCLUSIVE/ TV Week

Could Mikey be the next big star on Home and Away? Image: Channel 7

Mikey ended up scoring a significant role in the 2017 ABC miniseries Friday On My Mind, based on The Easybeats ' true story.

He was cast as Jigger, who had been "a bit of a bully" to band members.

But he's got some bad luck then.

"I was supposed to be in perhaps five action sequences," he says. "Then I played football as well as the shot is the preceding week, so on Saturday, I bruised a few muscles in my eyes. So is there a chance that Mikey could wind up with his dream project on Home And Away right now?" We'll see!

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