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EXCLUSIVE: Olympia Valance said ‘yes’ to a Neighbours return on one surprising condition.

When the executive producer of Neighbors, Jason Herbison, called Olympia Valance and asked her to make a guest appearance for the epic 35th-anniversary storyline of the show, there was one major detail the actress had to sign on the dotted line: co-star, Scott McGregor.

More precisely, that Mark, her old on-screen flame, would also return in a thrilling plot twist she admits she'd always been wishing.

"When Jason went at me and said ' for the 35th year we would like you back, I told: ' What's your storyline? '" Olympia, 27, tells WEEK-TV.

Scott and Olympia became fast friends on set. (Instagram / @scottmcgregor)

As it turns out, Jason knew exactly what Olympia wanted to hear (about some Big secrets we're not going to reveal yet) and the actress based in Melbourne quickly replied' Absolutely.'
Co-star and colleague, Scott, reacted similarly when told to go back to Ramsay Street.
"Scott was the same. He called me up and asked if I'd come back for the 35th," jokes Olympia, "I replied,' Hey, are you coming back?' We both just wanted to reassure each other 100 percent."

Mavournee Hazel, Scott McGregor and Olympia Valance at the 2017 TV WEEK Logie Awards. (Instagram /

Olympia reveals she was eager to return after three years away from collection. "I was really anxious about returning," she says until introducing, "but I walked back in and was like ' Pfft, please – she's back! '" "It was so nice to see others, especially Scotty as he is one of my best friends."


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