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Exclusive Spoiler: Home And Away’s Colby and Taylor are caught out as their steamy affair heats up

What started out as a brief fling turned into a careless romance on Home and Away between Colby and Taylor. And this week, Bella is going to great lengths to stop her brother before it’s too late.

But is Angelo (Luke Jacobz) going to find out first? The targeted investigator has been searching for ways to pin the murder of Ross (Justin Wozniak) on police officer Colby (Tim Franklin) ever since he arrived in Summer Bay.

Around the same time, Colby did his own police work to ensure that his relatives did not become suspects. Unfortunately, his answer was to seduce Taylor, Angelo’s wife (Annabelle Stephenson). Now, the couple’s covering their ties to illegal hook-ups in the nearby hotel.

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Although Colby is simply using Taylor to obtain details about the case, she’s drawn to his attention – something missing in her marriage.
“Taylor has been working on her marriage to Angelo for years. But, no matter how hard she tries, she’s completely devoted to the case and doesn’t give her what she wants,” says Annabelle to TV WEEK.

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“Once Colby comes into her life, she’s fragile and offers the company and support that her husband wants all these years.”
But how is Taylor going to respond if she learns Colby ‘s motives?

The next day, Taylor was surprised to discover that Willow (Sarah Roberts), Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Bella (Courtney Miller) all knew what she was up to.
Although Colby is downplaying his conflict with his sister and friends, the recent bust-up between him and Dean is enough to plant doubt in Taylor’s mind.
“Dean’s starting to think that Colby’s just looking after himself,” Patrick, 28, tells TV WEEK. “Resentment starts to build up between them.”
Taylor is eager to put an end to the affair.

But unexpectedly, Colby begs her not to do so. He’s grown up to have feelings for her, despite intending to use her to collect details. Taylor hesitates, but he realizes that her marriage is over.
“Taylor feels remorse,” explains Annabelle. “However, when she sees that Angelo isn’t concentrating on fixing her marriage, and that Colby appreciates her, she actually feels the way a woman in love should and accepts her.”

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