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Former Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis pitched a return story for Geoff Campbell

Former Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis has said he would love to return to the soap, and even pitched a storyline to the producers earlier this year.

Lincoln, who played Geoff Campbell between 2007 and 2010, was speaking on Neighbours star Takaya Honda’s video interview series Tak Talks when he revealed that he approached the show over a possible comeback.

“I loved working on Home and Away,” he said. “I lived right next door to the beach, so I would go to the beach when I wasn’t filming. If I was filming, I was probably filming on the beach or in the studio where you’re pretending you’ve just come back from the beach.

“At the beginning of the year, I personally pitched a plot about reprising Geoff for the Home and Away producers but they ghosted me!

“But it is the market that is what it is. That’s almost like going to an audition, you’re not listening anyway. That’s how it goes. “Lincoln, who had a guest stint on Neighbors as Dominic Emmerson in 2012, added that he had already declined a one-year deal on the Ramsay Street soap many years earlier.

“They gave me a one-year deal,” he said, “and it would have been disgusting to decline because I obviously love filming with [Ashleigh Brewer who played Kate Ramsay], I love filming with [Stefan Dennis who plays Paul Robinson], and all in all, it was a good crew to work with.

“But at the time I was planning to go to the States, and shortly afterwards, I think I was at the same time working on Bait and Drop, and so it was only running constantly at that point.

“I was just like … I had only spent three years at Home and Abroad, to sign a deal. I was searching only for a few positions to diversify.


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