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Former Home and Away star Mark Furze’s wife Laural reveals she’s suffered a miscarriage

The Voice star Mark Furze and wife Laural have shared heartbreaking news.

In an extremely candid post on Instagram – which Mark then re-shared, Laural announced she had experienced the loss of pregnancy and spoke about the tragedy of the family.

“We are all going through hard times and it’s been extremely sad for Mark and me this week,” she wrote.

Mark Furze, the former star of Home and Away and The Voice, covers his shaved head with a blonde wig and beret as he embraces his female side

“@themarkfurze and I made a big announcement this week .. We have a kid! I’m 10 weeks pregnant and we’ve been so excited about getting ready for this new chapter, daydreaming about what our little human would be like.

“But we find out at my ultrasound that pregnancy is not viable and I had what’s called a missed miscarriage where my body still feels it’s pregnant but the fetus hasn’t made any progress.”

The photo accompanying the article was a picture of Laural in a hospital bed by her side with the former Home and Away star and she explained that they are currently awaiting a D&C operation.

“I have comfort in understanding it’s probably because the embryo wasn’t 100 percent stable and not life-compatible,” Laural explained but added it was still an emotional time.

“But it was still an extremely difficult few days to get all processed. I cry a lot and eat ice cream this week every day. The tears cease slowly but I know I will continue to eat ice cream for at least another week!!

Laural added that she shared her story publicly as loss of pregnancy is something that is faced by many women and she decided to be transparent about it rather than stay quiet.

He also commended her husband for his assistance in this difficult period,

“I had a huge network of help around me and I couldn’t imagine doing this alone.

“This week Mark was so incredibly wonderful to me, I feel so grateful to have a man like him alongside me.”

Like she had to deal with the ordeal.

Ending on a hopeful note, Laural said she and Mark always hoped to start a family in the future, but have stalled for a while on issues.

She said, “One day in the future we’re going to try again but for now we’re going to take it one day at a time and find our way back to a new normal.”


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