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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Finds Success


Jason isn't a man talking a number, so viewers of General Hospital recognize that as they don't know anything else. He is not a man who loves to sit down and talk about his emotions. He is the strong and silent epitome of the form. Yes, he can sometimes have a few excuses to speak up, which is why people listen while he speaks. He's not someone who's perfect at doing anything except concentrating on what's positive about his life and he's going to make sure he's always working to make others ' lives better wherever necessary. He's a man who loves things the way they are, so he wants to see things happen for himself.

He has goals and plans and is not someone who enjoys sitting back and thinking. Nonetheless, he's someone who likes to talk up anytime he feels he needs to tell something. And this is just one of the instances.

On the other side, Curtis isn't afraid to talk up most of the time. He's a guy who's got a lot going on and he's a man who likes to make sure things go his way and nothing else gets in the way. So seeing him put on notice was something we loved more than we actually should have appreciated, but to be fairly honest is what it is. We like it and it doesn't drive us crazy. Throughout his country, he has a lot going on and he is making the most of it. Jordan once again has an old enemy in her world, but we hope this is a circumstance that is more clear than before. We presume she does have a mission so we can't

Here's nothing like being the one who already has to bring bad news to a family that's already gone through so much, but that's what Chase has to do today. We don't have any information about what he is doing and how he is doing it, but we realize he has bad news that must be communicated with everyone, and we can presume correctly and safely that none of this will end well for anyone. There are more than a few things happening right now in Port Charles so he can't wait to share it. If things get even worse, he will share now, even if that means being the one with whom everyone is upset.

Then there's Michael, who ends up having a little luck. He has worked so hard to keep things going to keep the people he cares about secure and nothing succeeded for him. He's been in a bad place and working, so now he's got a chance to get this right. He has done everything he has to do and now he has to work on the future. His mom is also hurting. She is not sure what's best right now for the boy. Things at home and in town are so poor she does not. What would be the best? Which one is the safest? In the grand scheme of things, what will this mean for her and for her family?

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