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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Reveal That Finn & Anna Will Reconnect After Obrecht’s Arrest

Since they had a big fight over Huck, Finn and Anna have been strangled, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that this will change during the week of March 9th. It seems that the arrest of Obrecht will be enough just to persuade Finn that he may have been mistaken with Peter.

As viewers saw during Friday's episode after Anna questioned her, Obrecht was arrested, and Peter set her up for the crimes he committed. Spoilers at the General Hospital say Obrecht will be able to find out how she ended up in this mess, and she'll be fighting back for sure. But obviously, Finn will choose to believe, at least to some degree, in this scheme of Peter's. Fans were disappointed by how easily Peter fooled Anna, but at least Finn remained suspicious. Unfortunately, spoilers at the General Hospital suggest that Finn may continue to accept this scheme, pointing Obrecht's finger for now because it makes life simpler and helps him to reconnect with Anna. Finn will apologize after Anna shares those updates with him, according to the new issue of Soap Opera Digest. He will come to feel that he may have misjudged Peter after all, while tentatively plotting things back together with Anna again."It's a brief moment, but heart and touch are both true to them. Finn is willing to admit that when he's made a' mistake'[ because] Peter needs Anna to be happy and he knows that Finn will give her that, "describes the actor

Peter may be pleased to see Anna reunited with Finn and happier again, but viewers know his motivations are mostly about self-protection.

She Knows Soaps mentions that Maxie will be standing by Peter's side in the days ahead and it is his top priority to keep her from learning the truth about him

How long does the Anna-Finn truce last? He's determined to keep Violet safe, so as much as he loves Anna, he'll probably remain wary of Peter at least somewhat.

Granted, Finn and Obrecht just aren't on the best terms. Considering that it's not that hard for Finn to conclude that Obrecht is guilty, just as with Anna is. What will the discovery of Peter and the recognition of the reality mean for Anna? People are excited to see it happen, but rumors at General Hospital say Peter's plans will continue to be pretty successful for now.

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